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Please use this form to register any Comments, Compliments or Complaints from members of the public. The details will be passed to the appropriate service area representative who will investigate it and send a reply. If the issue can not be dealt with within three working days an acknowledgement letter will be sent out and we will try to resolve things within 10 working days, if this is not possible we will let you know and will extend the investigation time up to 12 weeks.

This should not include routine requests for services, for example reporting everyday problems. It also excludes an initial request for action such as reporting a noise nuisance or a Council House repair. Matters like these should be directed to the service concerned.

For comments regarding planning applications please use PUBLIC ACCESS an on-line service that allows you to submit comments on individual applications, alternatively, you can email your comments to devcon@middevon.gov.uk .

Our Complaints Procedure:

Step 1: The complaint will be dealt with by the office responsible for service which you are unhappy with.

Step 2: If you are still unhappy, or your complaint is more serious, your complaint will be dealt with by the corporate management team and in all cases viewed by the CE.

If we feel we have done all we can to put the matter right and you still want to take the matter further you may contact the Local Government Ombudsman. Details can be found at this website:

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