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Matt Rawlings Petroc Can we have some form of lighting in Amory park courts so we can practice football during the darker evenings. I am part of a group who belong to a local football team and we need more opportunities to practice Thank you There is currently discusions taking place regarding the future use of the hard court. The Friends of Amory Park group, made up of interested residents wishing to improve the facilities, are investigating the possibility of constructing a new play area on one half of the court with an all weather pitch on the other. The current lighting is unsafe and needs to be replaced, the renawal of the lights will not be carried out until the future of the hard court has been decided. Any one wishing to be included in these discusions is welcome to attend a Friends of Amory Park group meeting, contact Adrian Cook (Environmental services) on 01884234339 or email
Danielle Land and Chloe Baker Tiverton High School "If 16 year olds can join the armed forces, get married and pay tax they should be able to vote" What is your opinion on this statement? Hi - please see the replies to other similar questions.
Jemma Greenslade, Chloe Boddy Tiverton High School Some people think the voting age should be lowered to 16.. Do you agree or disagree with this? And what are your views on this idea? Please see Kevin Finan's response to a similar question.
Danielle Land and Chloe Baker Tiverton High School If 16 year olds can get married and join the armed forces they should be able to vote what is your opinion on this statement? Hi Danielle and Chloe - please see my response below. Amy Dugard.
Siobhan Kearley Tiverton High School Hi, as part of a controlled assessment in my Citizenship lesson I would like to know your views on lowering the voting age to 16, and why you think this. Please see Amy Dugard's response to a similar question - good luck with your assessment!
georgina hole tiverton high school I am doing a controlled assessment in my citizenship lesson about lowering the voting age to 16, i think that people should be able to vote because they can pay tax and join the army so i think that the lowering age should be lowered to 16? what do you think? Please see the response from Christina Cross to a similar question.
connor sippitts tiverton high school Do you have any views on lowering the age for voting and what action would you take? Please see the replies so far below.
Callum Tilbury, Dan Perry, Reece Gomes, Ryan Takel and Dan Smith Tiverton High School Hi there we are from tiverton high school and are wondering on your veiws on the political matter of lowering the voting age to 16? We belive that the voting age should be lowered to 16 because, you can enter the armed forces which is a crutial life decision and also young people from the age of 16 have to pay income tax ect, in many ways adults choose young peoples decisions in life like college money cuts and what courses are dropped or introduced can you please tell us your opinion on this political matter and ellaberate on your awnser yours faithfuly Callum Tilbury, Dan Perry, Reece Gomes, Ryan Takel and Dan Smith The poposed inclusion of 16 and 17 year olds for the forthcoming Scottish referendum may be an important step for voting for the under 18's. I would welcome extending the voting age to 16. There will be a wide variety of personal abilities, maturity of interests in political matters and other factors that could be used to keep voting at 18. For me it is about recognising the importance of democracy within our society and encouraging the fullest participation. At times we have election turnouts of around 25% and the new Police and Crime Commissioner elections are predicted to have an 18% turnout. If we want 16-17 year olds to act as adults then we should treat them as such. Involvement in the election process will enable the views of 16-17 ears olds to have more influenece and be taken seriously by candidates. Kevin Finan Chief Executive
Sophie Lofthouse, Rianne Dixon, Hazel Leadbeatter Tiverton High School We are year 11 students at Tiverton High School and are doing a controlled assesment concerning lowering the voting age to 16. We think the voting age should be lowered to 16 because you are considered adults and are given responsibilities such as: - join the army - aloud to get married - be tried as an adult in court - pay taxes Etc. What is your opinion on lowering the voting age? Hi Sophie, Rianne and Hazel, my view is that young people from the age of 16 should be allowed to vote. As you have pointed out, from 16 you are able to leave education and work full time, which means paying taxes! You can legally start a family and join the Army at 16 and learn to drive from 17. I also feel young people have a better understanding compared to some adults about the main topics in politics through your Citizenship classes (including green issues)and first hand experience of the education system and provision for young people! I also think that by reducing the age more people are likely to vote in later life as they will have been engaged in the process earlier. Good luck with your assessment! Amy Dugard - Consultation and Youth Involvement Officer
Harry, Adam and Alex tiverton high school The three of us are doing a controlled assessment in citizenship at the moment about lowering the national voting age to 16. We think that it would be a good idea and that 16 year olds are old enough and mature enough to vote. What is your opinion on this issue? Hi I am Paul Williams from Mid Devon Council Firstly there are many asking this question I am happy for you to share my views as I can't reply to all of them. Secondly I am happy to give my views but they are personal NOT the Councils. This is a broad debate and some balance is needed; if we want young people to be good citizens and have an interest in their community, the wider country and even world then they need to be included in the ability to shape that future. One way is to lower the age to vote; but is that the issue? having the vote is one thing using it responsibly and effectively isnt age related - its intellegence and interest driven - so how can we instil that into young people? we seem to not be very effective for those who already have a vote if turn out at elections is 30% in some cases (that means more people dont vote than do but the minority then make the decision. that seems wrong! )Also i do think that young people in homes where parents are actively encouraging them to vote will do so and probably vote according to the steer parents give them - this would of cousre skew results. Conversley where young people have no guidance available then surely they are less likely to vote and add to the high percentage who dont make a choice. I like your point about maturity - when does that kick in ?? the concept of maturity is strange; its doing the right thing at the right time for the right reason and,I would submit, many so called grown ups act in an immature way on occassions the same as young people act in a mature way on occsasions - the right or wrong is often in the eye of those observing or affected. I mean here 16year olds on a playground making a noise talking will be classed as immature by older people - whereas a father laughing a nd playing with his kids screaming and running around would be seen as normal family behaviour wouldn't it - its just how its perceived. So al l in all and to sum up - I think young people aged 16 should be given the opportunity to vote but I would like to see far more work in school college and other media streams on what 'politics' is about its not just a vote. I would also like to see youith parliamnet and community youth Councils developed to bring on the concept of voting what it means and how it affects things Hope it helps
Dan smith, Dan ware Tiverton high school Hi we are two year 11 students seeking opionions of the Council for the voting age to be lowered to 16 we would appreciate a reply back thanks Please see Kevin Finan (Chief Executive) response to a similar question
Heather Murphy & Paige Barrington Tiverton High School "16 year olds are not mature enough to vote." Do you agree or disagree with this statement? Do you agree with lowering the voting age to 16? Why? Please see Paul Williams for his reponse to a similar question.
libby butt erin manley cressida takle tiverton high school We are doing a controlled assesment in citizenship about lowering the voting age to 16 what are your views on lowering the voting age? Do you think they are mature enough to understand? Please see Paul Williams response to a similiar question.
Kyle M Tiverton Do you think that we should lower the national voting age to 16? Why/why not? My personal view is yes, why not, 16 yrs can decide to do a wide range of things already. Those who would take an interest in voting probably will have researched and likely to be better informed than many adults who already have this privilege. The bigger question is, will it make a difference? From Christina Cross Head of ICT
.... tiverton high school What do you think about lowering the voting age to 16? I think that we should, how far do you agree? Please see the responses below for arguements for and against!
....... Tiverton High School Where is the closest Wind Farm to Tiverton? The nearest commercial Wind Farms to Tiverton that are currently operational are located at Fullabrook (near Barnstaple) and Bradworthy (near Holdsworthy). Wind Farms nearer Tiverton have been proposed at :- Denbrooke (near Bow) – approved but not yet constructed Batsworthy Cross (near Knowstone) – still being considered for planning permission Bickham Moor (near Rackenford) - was refused permission last year. A proposal to site 400+ offshore wind turbines in the Bristol Channel off the North Devon Coast is currently being planned. This so called “Atlantic Array” if approved and built would be one of the largest commercial wind farms in Europe. In addition to these commercial wind farms there are a number of smaller, individual wind turbines that have been erected in recent years.
emily nicholas tiverton high school does devon recycle more than like somerset and all so if not what can we do to help people recycle more? Dear Emily, Last year, Devon recycled 55% its household waste, more than any other county in England. Our target is to increase this so that we recycle 65% of our waste and make sure that the remaining 35%, which we cannot recycle, is incinerated to generate electricity. To help householders reach this target, there are a few more things we can do: one of the most important is to standardise the range of materials we collect throughout Devon, so it becomes easier for people to know what to recycle. This would mean Mid Devon collecting mixed plastic bottles and aerosol cans for recycling. Another improvement would be to collect waste for recycling more often, especially food waste. We carried out a trial scheme in Cullompton this summer, collecting food waste and recycling every week. This increased the amount we recycled by 13%. Unfortunately we cannot afford to extend this to the whole of Mid Devon at the moment. We also need to keep reminding people what they can recycle and when to put their recycling and composting out for collection. Every household in Mid Devon will receive a reminder about this by March 2012. Thank you for your question! Simon Hill, Recycling Officer.
Max Frankland Tiverton High School Do you think there are any ways to make Devon fully reliable on renewable energy sources? Dear Max please see the response from Tim Crook to 'Do you think Devon is green enough in terms of renewable energy?' below.
Kate Butler and Abi Gibson Tiverton High school With so many wind turbine proposals going through planning at the moment, do you think they should be accepted or are they a blot on the beautiful mid devon landscape? Thank you for your question please see the response from Jenny Clifford to a similiar question below 'In Devon what is the overall opinion on wind turbines and there aesthetics, have you had many complaints?'.
jess Tiverton High School how are you currently trying to make people aware of the importance of recycling? will you be considering a new recycling resource for householders? Dear Jess, We send an annual recycling reminder to every household in Mid Devon, and we send extra infirmnation or visit households where people are putting out the wrong materials for recycling, our putting waste out on the wrong day. Here are some more examples of what the district and county councils do to make people more aware of recycling: > Exhibitions at events like the Devon County Show > Information targetted at landlords and council house tenants > Recycling workshops at shcools, run by Resource Futures > TV, press and radio advertising to remind people what and how to recycle > Information is available on as well as Mid Devon District council's Facebook page > If someone puts the wrong materials in their recycling box, we put a note or sticker in the box explaining why we haven't collected itIf you haven't had one of these in your box, you're already recycling properly so well done! We could always do to more to make people aware of recycling and are looing at ways we can this better an more cheaply.
Gabriela Resende Tiverton High School If we dont recycle how will it affect us locally? Will we be able to recycle more things in the future? Do you think schools should recycle? Dear Gabriela, If we didn't recycle, the most immediate effect in the local area would be that we would have to build more places to dispose of rubbish (for example, landfill sites). This would have an adverse effect on the landscape and would increase local pollution and the emission of climate change gases. Failing to recycle would also mean we lose the opportunity to recycle our waste into useful products. This would increase our use of raw materials, which consumes more energy and has a higher environmental impact than using recycled materials. To put this into context, the amount of recycling that currently happens in the UK has environmental benefits equivalent to taking five million cars off the road. As resources like oil become more scarce, it will become even more important to recycle waste materials into new products. This is already happening: even in the current economic recession, the value of scrap materials such as plastic, metal and cardboard have remained high because energy and raw materials are becoming more scarce and expensive. In the future I think the following household materials will be recycled in most parts of the country: paper, cardboard, glass, plastic packaging, tins & cans and food waste. Most of these are already recycled but Councils in Devon are gradually working towards recycling the same reange of materials - this should make it easier for everyone to unbderstand what to put in their recycling box. There will also be more facilties to recycle items like batteries and electical goods. Yes, I think shcools should recycle because a lot of their waste is paper, cardboard, food and other materials that do not need to go to landfill. Mid Devon District Council already collects a lot of recycling from schools, but any school is welcome to contact us for help or advice on how to do more. Regards, Simon Hill Recycling Officer
... Tiverton high school Do you think that putting more bins around the streets of Tiverton would help tackle the amount of litter or do you think that something else needs to be done? Providing litter bins is part of the solution. Tiverton is already well-served with litter bins on the whole, but we are happy to consider requests to site a bin in a new location (please e-mail us at It is also important to enforce exisiting laws against littering, and our District Officers issue fixed-penalty notices when they find someone dropping litter. We have also found that litter attracts more litter; in other words, people are more likely to drop rubbish in an area that is already littered. We tackle this with our Clean Zone campaigns - this means we target a particular area by clearing the litter and concentrating our education and enforcement efforts. Local voluntary action can also make a big difference. We support more than 20 groups of volunteers who carry out litter picking events in their area. We provide equipment to help them collect litter and dispose of the rubbish they have collected.
Harry Jenkins Tiverton High School Is there a way we can cut the costs of public transport? This is a 'chicken and egg' question. Some will say the way to get more of us back on buses and the trains is to make it cheaper and more reliable. Others will say this cannot be achieved untill more people use the services we have already, giving the bus and train operating company's more funds to invest in new vehicles and to expand there services. Much of this is down to personal economics and expectations. If fuel continues to rise in price as it is doing, increasingly it will force more and more people to give up there cars and may make young people think very hard before learning to drive. This is already having a big affect on the numbers of people using the railways. Train Services throughout the country have seen a huge increase in demand and now better used than at any time since the 1960s when car ownership was very low in comparison to what it is today. Our own Barnstaple to Exeter line (the Tarka line) is expected to have a record year this year, attracting over 500,000 passengers. Devon County Councillor Nick Way
Anonymous Tiverton High School In Devon what is the overall opinion on wind turbines and there aesthetics, have you had many complaints? Does the council currently have a budget set aside for wind farms/energy in Devon? Policy ENV2 of the Mid Devon Local Plan permits planning applications for wind turbines as long as they meet a series of criteria relating to their impacts. The wording of the policy can be viewed here: Each planning proposal for wind turbines is individually assessed to see if it meets national and local planning policies and guidance rather than having an overall opinion across Devon. Proposals for wind turbines can at times lead to objections. Any objections that raise planning issues are taken into account when we make a decision on the application. As a Council we have looked at best options to improve energy efficiency within our own buildings and housing stock (see other answers on this forum). I hope this helps. Jenny Clifford, Professional Services Manager, Planning
Anonymous Tiverton High School In these times of global recession, do you think wind energy is the most elequent solution to our energy demands? As you will be aware wind is only one method of generating energy from renewable means. Other methods are also available and should be part of an overall package of renewable energy measures. In addition reducing energy needs is also important as is locating new development in sustainable locations to reduce the need to travel. As part of the planning of Tiverton's proposed urban extension, measures to reduce the carbon footprint of the development together with on site renewable or low carbon energy will be required. Jenny Clifford, Professional Services Manager, Planning