Section 1

Application for Licence to keep

Dog Breeding Establishment



To: Mid Devon District Council






Post Code      Tel No:


as [proposed] occupier(s) of the premises hereinafter mentioned HEREBY MAKE APPLICATION in pursuance of the provisions of section 1 of the Breeding of Dogs Act 1973, for a LICENCE TO KEEP A BREEDING ESTABLISHMENT FOR DOGS at the premises, of which particulars are given below.


The sum of £114.00 being the amount of the fee payable on the licence for which application is made.
will be paid online  or cheque by post 



1.† Postal Address of Premises:



†††† Post Code:     Tel No:


2.       Type of Accommodation to be used:
 (a)† Wholly Indoors
 (b)† Wholly Outdoors
 (c) Combination of Indoors and Outdoors
3††† Breeds of Dogs concerned
4.†† Number of Bitches kept†
5.†† Ages of Bitches kept
6.†† Construction of Outside Kennels (if any)
7.†† Heating Arrangements (if any)†
8.†† Lighting Arrangements
9.†† Food Storage Facilities
10.† Arrangements for Disposal of Excreta

I/WE DO HEREBY CERTIFY that to the best of my/our knowledge and belief, the above particulars are true.


Signed :†      Dated:



Human Check: