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Planning Policy and Land Allocations



►  Consultation on the proposed Tiverton and Halberton Neighbourhood Area runs until 26th June.  See the Neighbourhood Planning page.

► Consultation on the Local Plan Review and Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) ran from 9th February to 27th April 2015. See the Local Plan Review and CIL page


What we do


The Council's Forward Planning team produces planning policies to help steer development over the next 15-20 years



Adopted Policy at a glance


Tiverton Eastern Urban Extension SPDThe Tiverton Eastern Urban Extension Masterplan was taken through two public consultations and was adopted as a Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) on 30th April 2014.
Core Strategy (Local Plan Part 1, adopted 2007)Includes strategic policies such as targets for housing, employment and retail development. The Core Strategy does not allocate specific sites for development.
Allocations and Infrastructure Development Plan Document (Local Plan Part 2, adopted 2010)

Allocates land for development and sets strategic policy on affordable housing and infrastructure provision.

Local Plan Part 3: Development Management Policies (adopted 2013)Contains detailed policies to manage development, such as policies on design, parking, community facilities and heritage.
Supplementary Planning DocumentsSupplementary Planning Documents include additional policies that focus on a specific subject, such as air quality or affordable housing.



National Policy

The National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) sets out the national policy on local plan-making and development management. The Framework includes a 'presumption in favour of sustainable development'.

The Localism Act 2011 introduced a new tier into the planning system, empowering local communities to produce neighbourhood plans and have these adopted as part of the Development Plan.

The NPPF reintroduced the terminology of 'Local Plans' to describe the Development Plan Documents produced by the Council.  As a result, the Core Strategy and Allocations and Infrastructure Development Plan Document (AIDPD) have now been suffixed with the term 'Local Plan'.  The Core Strategy represents Part 1, the AIDPD Part 2 and the development management policies are titled Local Plan Part 3.


The Council's Forward Planning team is working towards the following:


Community Infrastructure Levy

The Community Infrastructure Levy is currently being reviewed alongside the Local Plan Review

Local Plan ReviewTwo stages of consultation for the new Local Plan strategy and site allocations have taken place.  A further consultation is expected to take place in early 2015.  Work on the Evidence Base for the new Local Plan is currently being undertaken, such as the Strategic Flood Risk Assessment and the Habitats Regulations Assessment.
Heritage Assets RegisterThe Council has produced a list of sites and features in Mid Devon that have historic value and importance to local communities.  The register is updated whenever information about additional heritage assets becomes available.
North West Cullompton Extension MasterplanningThe first stage of the masterplan consultation will take place from 12th September to 12th October 2014.
Landscape Sensitivity Assessment Supplementary Planning DocumentThe initial consultation was held from the 25th July to 8th September 2014.  The Council aims to carry out further consultation on the draft SPD within the next 6 months



Other Policies

Devon County Council controls development relating to waste and minerals.

In addition to the policies listed above, the Local Development Framework includes the Local Development Scheme (setting a timetable for policies to be produced) and the Statement of Community Involvement (our commitment to consultation and public participation in the planning process).



Planning Policy and Land Allocation