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Councillors and Democracy

The Council consists of 42 councillors who represent 24 electoral wards.

Councillors can stand as either a member of a national political party or as an independent member.

At Present

The political composition of the Council is:

Conservative 25, Independent 13, Liberal Democrat 3 and Liberal Party 1

When are councillors elected?

The last election for the District Council was in May 2011. Elections are held on the first Thursday in May every four years.

What do Councillors do?

The District Council makes policy and decisions that affect the people of Mid Devon. They also decide on how the Council's budget should be spent.

How often do councillors meet?

The full Council, Policy Development Groups and the Audit Committee meet at eight weekly intervals, the Cabinet, Scrutiny and Planning Committees meet at four weekly intervals. In addition, the Annual meeting takes place in May, and after public consultation, the Budget process begins in December and is agreed by the Council in February. Meetings are held in the Council Chamber (Tiverton Town Hall) and at Phoenix House, members of the public are welcome to attend.

How can I find out what councillors are going to discuss?

Agendas for all council meetings are available on the website and from Phoenix House five working days before the meeting.

How can I find out what has been decided?

Minutes of the meeting are published on the Council website within five working days of the meeting taking place.

How do I find out about becoming a Councillor?

Information can be found on our 'How to be a Councillor' page.