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Meetings, Agendas and Minutes

Councillors are elected from 24 wards in Mid Devon to represent you and take decisions on your behalf on all kinds of important issues affecting the everyday life of the District including how to provide homes and car parks; sports, how to care for Mid Devon's environment and ensure the Council has enough funds to provide essential services. Councillors (also known as Members) meet to set priorities for the present and plan for the future.

The Full Council, comprising 42 Members, meets several times each year in the Council Chamber to decide the Council's overall policies and set the budget.

The Cabinet

In addition to recommending major strategies to the Council, the Cabinet is responsible for the most significant and day to day decisions which are not delegated to officers.

Scrutiny Committee

There is a Scrutiny Committee which supports the work of the Cabinet and the Council as a whole. They consider issues, review services and make recommendations to the Cabinet and the Council on its policies, budget and service delivery issues. Scrutiny  also monitors the decisions of the Cabinet and can in certain circumstances "call-in" a decision which has been made but not yet implemented.

Policy Development Groups

There are three Policy Development Groups which assist the Council and the Cabinet in the development of the budget and policy framework by in-depth analysis of current provision, performance and policy issues and undertake all preparatory work in the development of policy.

Other Committees

In addition the Council has Audit, Planning, Licensing and Regulatory Committees.

Public attendance at Committee Meetings

Members of the public are welcome to attend Council, Cabinet, Scrutiny, Audit, Policy Development Groups and other Committee meetings to listen to the debate. On some occasions, where confidential information is to be discussed, you will not be able to stay for the whole meeting. You may also be able to speak either for or against planning applications at Planning Committee. Further details can be obtained from the contact details on this page or by clicking on the document to the right entitled 'Public participation at District Council meetings'.

For further information on agendas, public questions and general enquiries see the contact details below:

Sally Gabriel -  Principal Member Services Officer

Responsible for Full Council (District Council meetings), Cabinet, Planning Committee and Standards Committee

Tel: 01884 234229

 email: mail tel: 01884 234229

Sarah Lees - Member Services Officer

P A to the Chairman and responsible for Audit Committee , Licensing Committee, Policy Development Group - Decent and Affordable Homes and the Grand Western Canal Joint Advisory Committee

email: or tel: 01884 234310

Julia Stuckey - Member Services Officer

Responsible for the Scrutiny, Policy Development Groups - Managing the Environment and Community Well Being

email: or tel: 01884 234209

Meetings, Agendas and Minutes