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High Hedges

Complaints about High Hedges

What is a High Hedge? Definition of a High Hedge- Does your complaint meet the criteria?

  • The hedge has to be evergreen or semi evergreen, affecting a domestic property and be over 2m high.

A high hedge is defined as a line of two or more evergreen, or semi-evergreen, trees or shrubs, which are two or more metres in height and which block light or access to a domestic property.

Complaints must relate to the height of the hedge as problems relating to roots are specifically excluded from the Act.

High Hedges: Complaining to Mid Devon District Council

Advice and Guidance

Mid Devon District Council consider complaints under the Anti-social Behaviour Act 2003 and give advise and guidance on the various processes and stages.

Mid Devon District Council can only intervene once you have tried and exhausted all other avenues for resolving your hedge dispute. We can send you a copy of the leaflet Over the garden hedge which sets out some steps that you should consider trying.


Mid Devon District Council's role is to act as an independent and impartial adjudicator in those cases which people cannot settle for themselves. We cannot, therefore, negotiate or mediate between you and your neighbour. The local community mediation service may able to help,they can be contacted at 0845 6030 809 or

If you cannot agree a solution we will send further information about the procedure for making a formal complaint. It should be noted. however, Council can reject a complaint if we think someone has not done everything they reasonably could to negotiate a solution to their hedge problems. So if you don't follow the advice in the leaflet, you will need to explain why not.

Before you submit a complaint to the council . . .

Prior to the submission of a complaint to the Council, complainants need to carry out exhaustive actions themselves, including collecting detailed evidence and in particular attempting to resolve the matter amicably with their neighbours.

Should you wish to make a complaint regarding high hedges or have any comments regarding this service please contact the 01884 255255 or email

Our Fees

If after you have tried really hard to make mediation work and we accept your complaint about High Hedges removal costs £350. There are some concessions available.

Links to further information

The Office of the Deputy Prime Minister (ODPM) have produced two useful leaflets which gives advice on settling hedge disputes without involving the local authority. It is strongly recommended that anyone contemplating making a formal complaint read the official leaflets before doing anything else:

Information Leaflets

High Hedges Information
Over the Garden Hedge
- advice on how to resolve a hedge dispute with your neighbour.

High Hedges Complaints - Prevention and Cure
, which provides an outline of the law and offers advice on the implementation of the system.

Hedge Height and Light Loss is a useful technical document that explains how to measure the detrimental effect of a high hedge.