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You said ... we did

Some examples of improvements we've made to the website based on your feedback

You said:  We did:

It didn't say on our "Liners and Wheeled Bins" page how to request a replacement wheelie bin

We put this information on the page

It didn't say on our "Our Contact Details" page that the benefits office is not open in the afternoon

We updated the page to say that the Benefits office is open Mon-Fri 9am-1pm

Age Concern link takes you to an Arabic site which might also be inappropriate on our "Lifeline Alarms and Supported Living" page

We fixed the link to replace it with the new website address for Age UK (formerly Age Concern)

No information about kerbside collection of domestic white goods,eg old freezer on our "Light bulbs, batteries and other waste" page

We emailed the customer to explain where on the website this information was available and checked info was up to date

The link to local councillors was broken our "Comments, Comments and Complaints" page

We fixed the link so it is now working

It didn't say how to request a new recycling box on our "What goes where - Black Box" page

We added an email address to contact us to request a new box

There were no details about rents or terms on our page about "Council Commercial Property to Let"

We made it clear on the page who to contact for rents and terms

It wasn't clear on our "Electoral Registration" page how to register online

We gave clearer and easier to find guidance on how to do this

On our "liners and Wheeled Bins" page it gave the price for rolls of bin liners, but it didn't say how many liners in a roll

We added the number of liners per roll

Prices were not displayed prominently enough on our "Bulky Waste Collection" page

We added a heading "Prices from 1 April 2011" to make this clearer

There were some broken links on our "Pre-Application Advice" planning page

We fixed the links so they are now working

On the Building Control page "I want to convert my shop or office into a house", in fact the information was about the opposite: converting a house into a commercial premises

We replaced this with the right information

It didn't say which items could or could not be collected on our "Bulky Waste Collection" page

We added a list of which types of items we can and cannot collect