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Devon Home Choice

Devon Home Choice

Devon Home Choice is a 'Choice Based Lettings' scheme. This means you get to choose the property you would like as your home. The Devon Home Choice website shows a list of available council and housing association homes. You bid on any that interest you through the process explained in the pdf icon Devon Home Choice Guide [6Mb]. The successful applicant is the person who has need of housing the most.

How does the system work?

To apply for social housing in Devon, you will need to fill in the application form at Devon Home Choice. Once you are registered, you can bid for homes.

There are five bands of housing need (see Banding Information). We will tell you the band you are in, the types of properties and number of bedrooms for which you can bid.  If you disagree with then band you are given, you can ask us to change (see Appealing Against Housing Decisions).

Properties are advertised weekly and you can pick homes you like by bidding on them. You can bid on up to three properties a week.

Once a bidding deadline has passed, we will offer the property to the most suitable applicant, in the highest band, who has been waiting the longest time. We will tell you if you are the successful applicant.


Banding Information

This section tells you how the banding system works. We use banding to show if you need a home quickly.

Appealing Against Housing Decisions

If you think we have given you the wrong band, this section guides you on how to ask us to change it.