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6th March 03


Held on 6th March 2003 at the Village Hall,Uplowman, starting at 8.00pm


Minutes taken by Mr R Hodgson, Clerk to UplowmanParish Council with assistance of Mrs Veen. 

Action points in bold. 3 members of the Public werepresent


Matters raised during the public session includedtidying of the churchyard and financing repairs to the church, the lack ofmaintenance of the bus shelter and concerns raised over a proposed wind farmdevelopment to the north of the parish.




3.1      Minutes of the meeting had beencirculated prior to the meeting. Theywere approved without amendment and signed as a true record by the Chair.

4.1      There were no matters arising that wouldnot be covered by other Agenda items.

Income since last meeting            £Nil

Clerk?s Expenses: £4.52

Audit fee 2002: £58.75

5.3      The annual subscription to the DevonAssociation of Parish Councils (£37.00)was approved for payment. It was agreedthat this would be deducted from the Annual Precept.

6.1      Church Lighting:

6.2           Tolcarne, Whitnage: erection ofconservatory. UPC had raised noobjection

6.3           Package WW plant: UPC had

7.1      Mr Aggett would review the DCCStructure Plan. Summaries of thiswere distributed.

7.2      DCC were surveying Internet Access.

7.3      MDDC had sough views on their budget. MrWhite thanked Mr Aggett for his help in drafting a reply.

7.4      MD Tourist Information Centre requestedfunds. It was decided not to supportthis on principle because the outcome would be simpy a shift from one publicpurse to another.

8.1           Computers would be installed duringthe summer. A space for the ParishCouncil would be beneficial to enable display of public documents such as localplans.

8.2      The Clerk had received a complaintconcerning the numbers of cars parked around the Crossways during footballmatches on Sunday mornings. Mr Adcockwould contact Uplowman Athletic to ask them to remind participants to parkat the Hall.


9.1      It was agreed that a list of privatewater supplies that could be used in the event of a terrorist attack on publicsystems would be held by the Clerk. All councillors should provide information to him.

9.2      A new Neighbourhood Watch coordinator hadbeen appointed; otherwise there was little to report on this.

9.3      MDDC were surveying flooding ofproperties. All councillors wouldgive information on recent flood events (dates and properties affected) to theClerk who would return these to MDDC. 

10.1    Mr Adcock had identified a suitable type oflight. The Clerkwould passon details of the lights to MDDC. MrAdcock would install the first light within the coming month.

11.1    The Triangle site was still favoured.

12.1    Holes in the road to Tiverton had beenpatched recently. The road to Whitnagewas deteriorating, as were most otherroads in the parish.

13.1    The Clerk informed the meeting that theCountryside Agency road show would be in Devon during May-June.


The next meeting would be theAnnual Meeting on Thursday 15th May in the Hall, starting withquestions from the Public at 7.30pm. This would include inauguration of the new council after elections to beon May 1st.

The meeting closed at 9.40pm       

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