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(Extract from the 2019 Business Rate Information Leaflet)

Rating Agents – Fees and Charges

  1. Local authorities may be aware that some ratepayers are being approached by companies that promise to act on their behalf to reduce their rates liability – and that a minority of these companies are subsequently charging fees for ‘securing’ access to existing reliefs to which the ratepayer is already entitled.
  1. The Government’s view is that these companies and agents are unnecessarily diverting business rate relief that is intended to help businesses into their own pockets – for example where little to no additional work is needed to obtain the relief. To support ratepayers in avoiding unnecessary fees of this sort, we encourage local authorities to do all that they can to ensure that businesses are aware of any reliefs for which they may be eligible, and understand how to access that support in the easiest way possible.


(Extract from Business Rate Information Leaflet 02/11/2018)

Local authority websites

The Department is grateful to local authorities for the information they make available to ratepayers about business rates and the support available through reliefs. We would encourage all local authorities to continue to regularly check their website and listen to feedback from ratepayers to ensure the information on their websites is up to date and clear.


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