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Council Tax Direct Debit Payment

Privacy Notice – Setup a Direct Debit for Council Tax

We will ask you for your reference number and your title, surname, forename, contact telephone number, email address, post code and Bank Account information

For online applications this will be collected by the Revenues Department. Any other applications will be collected by our Customer Services team.

Online form, visits to offices, telephone calls, emails.

We will use the information you provide to collect your Council Tax from your Bank Account

To pay your Council Tax

In line with the Direct Debit guarantee your bank account details will be submitted into the BACS system to enable us to process your payment.

All ICT systems are accredited to Public Service Network standards with access restricted to relevant staff. All paper records are stored securely and we have a clear desk policy.

Paper files will be kept for a minimum of 6 years. Data stored on our processing system will need to be kept for as long as the current Council Tax Valuation List exists – this is currently 1993 –if your property is re-banded by the Valuation Office, they will back date the band reduction to 1993 when Council Tax was introduced – by keeping this data this enables us to calculate accounts correctly in accordance with information provided to us by the Valuation Office Agency.

Information required

To complete this form you will need to know your:

  1. Mid Devon district council tax bill reference number (7 digits).
  2. Mid Devon district council tax bill postcode.
  3. Bank account full name
  4. Bank account number
  5. Bank account sort code

Instructions to your bank/building society

Please Note: Banks and Buildings Societies my not accept Direct Debit Instructions for some types of accounts.

By completing the Direct Debit instruction, you are consenting to pay Mid Devon District Council, Council Tax Direct Debits from the account specified under the protection assurance by the Direct Debit Guarantee.

This instruction may remain with Mid Devon District Council and, if so, details will be passed electronically to the bank/building society specified.

Bank account conditions

We are only able to accept a direct debit request online if:

The bank account payment is to be taken from is in your name
If a joint account, only one signature is required on the account