Privacy Notice
Privacy Notice

We will ask for your MX Reference number, car registration number, name, full address including postal code, telephone number, and email address.

Parking Services are collecting this information for the payment of PCNS issued.

This information is collected when a payment is made against the reference provided. A payment can be made online, over the phone or using the payment kiosk at Phoenix House

It is needed in order to make a payment via our 3rd party hosted site provided by CAPITA, who will process the payment and provide us with an authorisation number once the payment has been successful and confirm the amount paid. Once full payment has been made an email receipt will be generated and sent to you using the email address provided.

Your information will be used to provide our 3rd party payment site CAPITA with PCN and personal details to enable payment to be taken and for the amount paid to be credited to your personal parking account. Once full payment has been made the system will automatically update the account which will remain on the Parking System Toranto for 2 years in line with our retention policy and guidelines. No card details will be retained on the Toranto system to comply with the payment card industry standards..

Your information is shared with our 3rd party payment supplier CAPITA to facilitate payment. Failure to make payment may result in information being sent to the Traffic Enforcement Centre to secure legal action which will then be sent to our 3rd party contractor bailiff Proserve .

All personal data is retained on a password protected system and only accessible to the parking administrators for processing purposes.All ICT systems are accredited to Public Service Network standards with access restricted to relevant staff. All paper records are stored securely and we have a clear desk policy

We will retain your personal data for 2 years in line with our retention policy and guidelines. Subject access requests for your information can be requested via customer services by telephoning 01884 255255 or emailing You can also visit our website and view our data protection guidance page.

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