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Redvers way communal green and park grass. Gavin Strong Redvers way communal grass and play areas . The communal grass areas including the park area are unusable and unsightly as such due to length after continual lack of regular maintenance. This in turn is leading to young children being forced onto the highways for play space and the park area becoming uninviting for young children and families. I've noticed that due to the parks neglect , rubbish and some older children using the park inappropriately has become more obvious. The lack of maintenance continues despite housing association tenants paying a grounds maintenance fee and private tenants council tax. This is even more prevalent when compared to the park and play area in Everitt Place which gets regular maintenance. I'm looking for a council discussion and a regular maintenance programme as a solution as speaking to some tenants they are often rebuked and told by the council that "This isn't their problem" and have heard unsubstantiated comments that the grounds were to be maintained for a 10 year period by the house builders before alternative arrangements were to be made. I have lived in the area for 5 years and would add some weight to this argument as this is a problem going on for about this time. What tends to happen is that after a prolonged period of time a contractor will make a one off cut leaving the area just as unusable and unsightly due to the amount of grass cut. If this is so I would like to know why in comparison the other areas of Moorhayes like the Devonshire homes areas are more regular maintained and how this is funded ? Thank you for your time and I hope you'll add / pass on any additional information and sign my petition , we need 25 signatures to get this petition discussed at a council meeting so a signature would be great, Thank you.....! 31/07/2019 34 31/08/2019

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