How to report a dangerous structure

If you notice what you think to be a dangerous structure, please contact us immediately on 01884 234345 or 234260 or use our 24-hour emergency number 01884 255255.

How we deal with dangerous structures

We are empowered to act in the interest of health and safety where it appears that buildings or structures are in a dangerous condition.

Owners of property are legally responsible for the safety of their buildings and, where there is concern that the property is at risk. It is the responsibility of the property owner to remove the danger.

However, when we are made aware of a potentially dangerous building, we have two options:

  • To take immediate action under emergency powers to ensure the safety of people in and around the building (Section 78 of the Building Act 1984), or


  • Where the danger is not immediate, notify the owner and occupants and give a reasonable period for the work to be undertaken. Should an owner fail to carry out necessary works, an order requiring the work to be done will be sought from the Magistrates Court (Section 77 of the Building Act 1984). Failure to comply with the Court Order within a specified time will result in us arranging for the work to be done and recovering the costs.

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