There is no obligation for either an owner to make an application for regularisation or for us to issue a certificate where we cannot be reasonably satisfied that the works comply with the Building Regulations.

Regularisation Procedure

This procedure allows for regularisation of unauthorised building work that has been carried out without submitting a Building Notice or Full Plans application for Building Regulation approval or without giving notice of commencement of works. It does not replace the Council's enforcement powers nor does it provide a short cut for those who did not follow the correct procedure.

In order to assess whether compliance with Building Regulations has been achieved we may ask the applicant to “open up" parts of the work to enable otherwise hidden details of construction to be inspected.

An application for Regularisation can only be made where:

a) The work commenced on or after 11 November 1985

b) The work came under the scope of the Building Regulations

c) Notification was not given to the local authority

Applying for a Certificate

Complete and submit a Notification of Building Work form with payment of the appropriate fee (please contact Building Control for quotation) together with, so far as is reasonably practical, the following information:

a) A plan of the unauthorised work, and

b) Details of any proposed work required to ensure that the building work complies with the Building Regulations. 

Issue of a Certificate

If you are successful in demonstrating that the unauthorised building work is in full compliance with the Building Regulations we will issue a Certificate of Regularisation.

The charge made for an application is not refundable if a certificate is not issued.

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