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Due to reported staffing issues, we've had to reprioritise our waste collections as below.

We apologise in advance for any inconvenience caused, and we ask you for your understanding and patience during what is an incredibly challenging time for everyone.

Garden waste

We've reinstated fortnightly garden waste collections, from w/c 6 April.

Any garden waste collections missed due to the previous suspension of this service will be credited when you renew your permit for 2020/21. If your subscription expired during the suspension, you'll receive a reminder to renew once the service recommences.

Please refer to our Garden waste collection service: Customer update for more information.

Food waste

We've now reinstated weekly food waste collections (w/c 6 April).

Recycling and black sack refuse

All fortnightly collections for recycling and black sack waste will continue as per your Waste collection calendar.

Should there be any delays to collection services, we'll update both this page and our Daily waste collection updates page with the relevant advice.


We're reinstating fortnightly textile collections from Tuesday 1, September.

Missed collections

Before reporting a missed collection please check our Daily waste collection updates page as we may already be aware of the problems in your area. If you area has already been listed as missed, there is no need to contact us; please follow the advise provided or revisit the page for further updates.

If your area has not been added to the Daily waste collection updates page Report a missed collection.

Delivery of waste containers

We've reinstated waste container deliveries from Monday 4, May. 

Bulky waste

We've reinstated the bulky waste collection service from Wednesday 13, May.

Clinical waste

Clinical waste collections will continue as normal on Mondays.

Commercial waste & recycling

Commercial waste collections remain unchanged.

Note: Invoices for April will arrive shortly, please be advised that we'll work with your business to arrange payments to suit your current situation.  If you need to discuss your account during this time, please either email or call via 01884 255255.

Guidance for people with confirmed or possible COVID-19: how to dispose of waste

  • KEEP YOUR WASTE AND RECYCLING INSIDE FOR AT LEAST 72 HOURS before putting in your waste storage area.
  • Store personal waste (like used tissues) and disposable cleaning cloths securely in rubbish bags.
  • Place these bags within a second bag, tie it securely and store it in a separate room from where you are self-isolating.
  • Keep the bags there for AT LEAST 72 HOURS before putting them out for collection on your correct collection day.
  • Recycling and garden waste can be placed in your usual bin/boxes.
  • PLEASE CARRY ON RECYCLING. It is vital that those self-isolating keep using the correct bins. Overfilling your black sacks may result in spillages and loose rubbish in the streets.
  • Where possible please place your waste and recycling at the kerb side as close to 6:00am as possible on the day of collection and not before 6:00pm the evening before your collection.

The safety of the public and our workers, including our collection crews, is of paramount importance.

We'll monitor the situation as the country continues its efforts to suppress the COVID-19 virus. Please keep up-to-date by checking this page regularly.

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