Why do we exist?

Litter is unhealthy and unpleasant. It is unfortunate that like the rest of the country, Tiverton has a lot of unnecessary and unsightly litter. This is not just a problem for Mid Devon District Council but affects every member of the community in what is otherwise a charming area.

Who are we?

Tiverton Volunteer Litter Pickers was started in 2001 by a group of residents from diverse backgrounds, who are determined to make a difference to the appearance of their town. Since then it has become a large group of volunteers who regularly spearhead action in the community.


Tiverton Volunteer Litter Pickers have adopted a constitution, which aims to prevent and discourage litter and to ensure the removal of litter as rapidly and effectively as possible in order to maintain a clean and attractive environment.

How we achieve our aims

  • Prevention by working with all age groups to educate
  • Publicity
  • Community Involvement
  • School campaigns
  • Partnership working
  • Setting examples

Accomplishments so far

We have had poster competitions, numerous litter picks, hundreds of kilos of litter collected, displays at public events, regular publicity, promotional video, affiliation with the Community Safety Partnership grant aid from Local Authorities, increasing public participation and enthusiasm.

Future plans

Organised regular public events, sponsored competitions, continued publicity, promoting regular clean ups, joint educational activities.

Details on future events can be obtained from:

  • Civic society boards
  • Market place boards
  • Local press
  • Local businesses
  • Mid Devon District Council website
  • BIG LITTER PICK quarterly newsletter

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