The Town, Parish and Community (TAP) Fund (formerly known as the Town and Parish Fund) can be used by towns, parishes and community groups working together to respond to community issues of shared interest and/or concern.  

The TAP Fund is a useful way of supporting a wide range of local projects across the district, such as:

  • local economy, employment and welfare (for example community shops, food banks, homelessness) 
  • community events and celebrations (for example seasonal celebrations, trips, visits, commemorations, memorial events)
  • community facilities (for example community facility improvements, community safety improvements)
  • sport, leisure, arts, heritage, culture (for example youth clubs, libraries, allotments, theatres, plays, music)
  • highway improvements (for example grit bins, signs, safety improvements, bridges, traffic regulation orders, rights of way, weeds)

Projects/activities can be as big or small as the issue you wish to solve.

Town and parish councils, constituted community and voluntary groups (including ‘Friends of’ groups), registered charities, faith groups and social enterprises may apply for funding. Please see the TAP Fund Criteria for more information.

2017/18 TAP Fund

The TAP Fund opened for applications on 1 July 2017

This year, there are two funding rounds:

  • Round one (deadline to apply by 30 September 2017, with Funding Panel scheduled for 30 October 2017)
  • Round two (deadline to apply by 28 February 2018, with Funding Panel scheduled for 23 March 2018)

TAP money is clustered by County Ward and is based on the number of registered electors (from the February 2017 Electoral Register) in each County Ward.  The TAP Fund 2017/18 budget will be split into two halves; half available to allocate for each round of funding. Any unallocated TAP money left over from round one would be carried forward to round two.

Application Process

If you have an enquiry, please contact the TAP Fund Project Officer at

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