When I make a complaint will my identity be given?

At no time will your identity be given to the person you are complaining about, although due to the nature of some neighbourhood complaints it is obvious who the complaint has come from.  For example if your are complaining about a particular instance of verbal abuse then it may be apparent to the other party who has made a complaint. In these types of cases we will support you so that the situation doesn't escalate.

Can I make an anonymous complaint?

Yes you can remain anonymous, although we will be unable to provide you with regular updates on how the case is progressing.  Please also note that we will have to decide on how to progress the complaint rather than you being able to help us to determine the appropriate action to take.  Should you contact us again for an update we will be unable to do this as you have not divulged your identity.

Why do I have to complete diary sheets?

Completed diary sheets are in important part of the ASB investigation process especially if the case progresses to formal action being taken. They give an overview of the type of ASB, how often it is occurring and are especially important in showing the impact it is having on the complainant.  These details are vital, especially if the ASB case escalates to court action being taken and a formal statement needs to be prepared for a court hearing.  

If your complaint is regarding noise nuisance, then Environmental Health would not be able to install noise monitoring equipment without diary sheets as they require evidence to support the installation of the equipment.  If the equipment was installed without this evidence there would be no justification for this action.

Will I have to attend court?

Should your case make it to court, evidence from the people who have actually witnessed the anti-social behaviour is much stronger and is more likely to lead to a successful outcome at court.

However, the Housing Act 1996 allows us to use professional witnesses, such as the police and neighbourhood housing officers, and hearsay evidence where people are too frightened to attend court. We can also say what the likely affect the anti-social behaviour would have on other tenants and residents.

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