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Our Officers are still spending some of their working week at home.  If you would like to speak to a Neighbourhood Officer, please call 01884 255255 and ask for a call back.  If the matter is urgent, there are Officers in the office on a daily basis who will be happy to help.

Your Neighbourhood Team is your first point of contact. We can help with anything to do with your tenancy or rent.

Who should I contact about my rent?

For queries about your rent, contact your Neighbourhood Officer responsible for income collection below:


Contact Number

Sally Bloomfield

01884 234291

Sophie Gale

01884 234305

Suzanne Palmer

01884 234295

Who should I contact about neighbourhood issues?

For queries about your neighbourhood, contact your Neighbourhood Officer responsible for estate management below:


Contact Number

Felicity Jones

01884 234270

Sharon Rice

01884 234285

Ceri Smith

01884 234296

Yvette Welsh

01884 234904

Who's responsible for managing the Housing Service?

If you have any queries about our service delivery, please contact:

The Housing Service currently has a vacant Neighbourhood Officer's post and the existing Neighbourhood Officers for the Estates Team are covering the vacant post between them.

Group Manager for Housing, Claire Fry, has overall responsibility for the management of our Housing service.

Contact us to leave a message for Claire or the Neighbourhood Team Leaders listed above.

If you're not sure who your Neighbourhood Officers are...

Search for your street using the A - Z list below:


Location Parish Officer
Allington Terrace Crediton Sally Bloomfield
Amory Road Tiverton Zoe Burgess
Appledore Close Cullompton Suzanne Palmer
Arnold Crescent Tiverton Zoe Burgess
Ashley Close Uffculme Suzanne Palmer
Authers Heights Tiverton Zoe Burgess
Ayshford Uffculme Suzanne Palmer
Banfields Shillingford Sally Bloomfield
Baptist Chapel Court Crediton Sally Bloomfield
Barnes Close Willand Suzanne Palmer
Barnfield Crediton Sally Bloomfield
Barnfield Close Crediton Sally Bloomfield
Barnhay Bampton Sally Bloomfield
Barris Lapford Sally Bloomfield
Beaufort Close Sampford Peverell Suzanne Palmer
Beech Park Crediton Sally Bloomfield
Beech Road Tiverton Zoe Burgess
Bellingate Colebrooke Sally Bloomfield
Bell Meadow Bickleigh Sally Bloomfield
Bells Close Chawleigh Sally Bloomfield
Belmont Road Tiverton Sally Bloomfield
Bewsley Hill Copplestone Sally Bloomfield
Birchen Lane Tiverton Zoe Burgess
Blackmore Road Tiverton Suzanne Palmer
Blagdon Place Crediton Sally Bloomfield
Boobery Sampford Peverell Suzanne Palmer
Bowden Hill Crediton Sally Bloomfield
Bowdens Lane Shillingford Sally Bloomfield
Bowley Meadow Bradninch Suzanne Palmer
Boyce Place Tiverton Temp Accom - Michael Parker
Boyce Place Tiverton Zoe Burgess
Boyes Close Halberton Suzanne Palmer
Brady Close Sandford Sally Bloomfield
Brays Close Crediton Sally Bloomfield
Brewin Road Tiverton Zoe Burgess
Britton Close Halberton Suzanne Palmer
Broadclose Nomansland Sally Bloomfield
Broadlands Thorverton Sally Bloomfield
Broad Lane Broad Lane Zoe Burgess
Broad Lane Tiverton Zoe Burgess
Bullens Close Thorverton Sally Bloomfield
Buller Road Crediton Sally Bloomfield
Butler Close Tiverton Suzanne Palmer
Butt Parks Crediton Sally Bloomfield
Butts Close Chawleigh Sally Bloomfield


Location Parish Officer
Cadbury Cross Cottages Cadbury Sally Bloomfield
Cameron Close Tiverton Zoe Burgess
Carpenter Close Tiverton Suzanne Palmer
Catherine Close Tiverton Zoe Burgess
Cedar Road Tiverton Zoe Burgess
Cherry Gardens Crediton Sally Bloomfield
Chestnut Road Tiverton Zoe Burgess
Churchill Drive Crediton Sally Bloomfield
Churchills Hemyock Suzanne Palmer
Church Street Crediton Sally Bloomfield
Church Street Morchard Bishop Sally Bloomfield
Church View Templeton Zoe Burgess
Cleveland Morchard Road Sally Bloomfield
Coach Road Silverton Sally Bloomfield
Cockles Rise Crediton Sally Bloomfield
Coleridge Road Tiverton Suzanne Palmer
Coles Mead Tiverton Suzanne Palmer
College Green Uffculme Suzanne Palmer
Cornerways Westcott Suzanne Palmer
Coronation Crescent Uffculme Suzanne Palmer
Coronation Villas Wembworthy Sally Bloomfield
Council Houses Huntsham Suzanne Palmer
Council Houses Loxbeare Sally Bloomfield
Courtenay Cottages Washfield Sally Bloomfield
Courtney Road Tiverton Zoe Burgess
Court Orchard Newton St Cyres Sally Bloomfield
Crofts Estate Sandford Sally Bloomfield
Crossparks Ash Thomas Suzanne Palmer
Crossways Uplowman Suzanne Palmer
Cullompton Hill Bradninch Suzanne Palmer
Culm Haven Uffculme Suzanne Palmer
Culver Close Bradninch Suzanne Palmer
Curwood Crescent Tiverton Zoe Burgess
Dartmoor View Black Dog Sally Bloomfield
Dry Close Templeton Zoe Burgess
Dunsford Way Tiverton Zoe Burgess
Location Parish Officer
East End Poughill Sally Bloomfield
Eastern Road Zeal Monachorum Sally Bloomfield
Eastlands Hemyock Suzanne Palmer
East Street Crediton Sally Bloomfield
Elmore Way Tiverton Zoe Burgess
Evelegh Crediton Sally Bloomfield
Exhibition Road Crediton Sally Bloomfield
Exmoor View Black Dog Sally Bloomfield
Exon Buildings Cullompton Suzanne Palmer
Fir Close Willand Suzanne Palmer
Ford Road Bampton Sally Bloomfield
Ford Road Tiverton Suzanne Palmer
Fosterlea Cullompton Suzanne Palmer
Frogberry Cross Coldridge Sally Bloomfield
Frog Street Bampton Sally Bloomfield
Glebelands Cheriton Bishop Sally Bloomfield
Godfreys Gardens Bow Sally Bloomfield
Great Meadow Culmstock Suzanne Palmer
Greenaway Morchard Bishop Sally Bloomfield
Location Parish Officer
Hackpen View Uffculme Suzanne Palmer
Halsbury Road Tiverton Suzanne Palmer
Hammett Road Cullompton Suzanne Palmer
Ham Place Tiverton Suzanne Palmer
Harrowby Close Tiverton Suzanne Palmer
Harts Row Culmstock Suzanne Palmer
Hawthorne Road Tiverton Zoe Burgess
Haymans Close Cullompton Suzanne Palmer
Heathcoat Way Tiverton Zoe Burgess
Heggadon Close Bradninch Suzanne Palmer
Hermes Avenue Tiverton Suzanne Palmer
Higher Cotteylands Tiverton Zoe Burgess
Higher Ley Nymet Rowland Sally Bloomfield
Higher Wellbrook Street Tiverton Zoe Burgess
Highland Terrace Uffculme Suzanne Palmer
High Street Silverton Sally Bloomfield
Hillcrest Stoodleigh Sally Bloomfield
Hillcrest Tiverton Sally Bloomfield
Hillcrest Road Silverton Sally Bloomfield
Hill Head Halberton Suzanne Palmer
Holly Close Tiverton Zoe Burgess
Holly Road Tiverton Zoe Burgess
Honiton Road Cullompton Suzanne Palmer
Howden Road Tiverton Zoe Burgess
Hunivers Place Crediton Sally Bloomfield
Hunters Way Culmstock Suzanne Palmer
Joseph Locke Way Crediton Sally Bloomfield
Killerdy Mead Chevithorne Zoe Burgess
Kings Crescent Tiverton Zoe Burgess
King Street Silverton Sally Bloomfield
King Street Tiverton Zoe Burgess
Knightswood Cullompton Suzanne Palmer
Location Parish Officer
Landboat View Cheriton Fitzpaine Sally Bloomfield
Lazenby Road Tiverton Suzanne Palmer
Leat Street Tiverton Zoe Burgess
Leaveacre Sandford Sally Bloomfield
Lea View Willand Suzanne Palmer
Lilac Road Tiverton Zoe Burgess
Lime Close Tiverton Zoe Burgess
Lime Kiln Road Tiverton Suzanne Palmer
Lime Road Tiverton Zoe Burgess
Little Meadow Wembworthy Sally Bloomfield
Livingshayes Road Silverton Sally Bloomfield
Long Mead Oakford Sally Bloomfield
Lower Cotteylands Tiverton Zoe Burgess
Mackenzie Way Tiverton Suzanne Palmer
Market Close Bampton Sally Bloomfield
Marshall Close Tiverton Suzanne Palmer
Meadowside Road Sandford Sally Bloomfield
Meadowside Road Sandford Sally Bloomfield
Meadowside Villas Tiverton Sally Bloomfield
Meadow View Bampton Sally Bloomfield
Melbourne Street Tiverton Zoe Burgess
Moorhayes Bungalows Tiverton Zoe Burgess
Moorland View Lapford Sally Bloomfield
Moor View Tiverton Sally Bloomfield
Mousebeare Washfield Sally Bloomfield
Narrow Lane Tiverton Zoe Burgess
Newcombes Crediton Sally Bloomfield
New Estate Newton St Cyres Sally Bloomfield
New Street Cullompton Suzanne Palmer
Nymet Hayes Bow Sally Bloomfield


Location Parish Officer
Oak Close Silverton Sally Bloomfield
Oakleigh Clayhidon Suzanne Palmer
Oakridge Burlescombe Sally Bloomfield
Old Road No. 39 Tiverton Suzanne Palmer
Old Road Tiverton Suzanne Palmer
Orchard Close Coldridge Sally Bloomfield
Orchard View Halberton Suzanne Palmer
Orchard Way Cullompton Suzanne Palmer
Orchard Way Tiverton Zoe Burgess
Paddock Cottages Hockworthy Sally Bloomfield
Palmerston Park Tiverton Zoe Burgess
Park Bungalows Burlescombe Sally Bloomfield
Park Close Silverton Sally Bloomfield
Park Street Crediton Sally Bloomfield
Park Street Willand Suzanne Palmer
Parsons Close Kentisbeare Suzanne Palmer
Passmore Road Bradninch Suzanne Palmer
Pathfields Tiverton Zoe Burgess
Pethertons Halberton Suzanne Palmer
Prospect Place Tiverton Zoe Burgess
Prospect Way Lapford Sally Bloomfield
Prowses Hemyock Suzanne Palmer
Pugsley Road Tiverton Suzanne Palmer
Queensway Tiverton Zoe Burgess
Reeds Place Cullompton Suzanne Palmer
Richmond Close Sampford Peverell Suzanne Palmer
Rivermead Cullompton Suzanne Palmer
Riverside Bungalows Huntsham Suzanne Palmer
River View Dulverton Sally Bloomfield
Rock View Halberton Suzanne Palmer
Romans Way Tiverton Zoe Burgess
Roundhill Tiverton Zoe Burgess
Rudds Buildings Tiverton Zoe Burgess
Russett Close Uffculme Suzanne Palmer
Location Parish Officer
Sage Grove Tiverton Suzanne Palmer
School Close Bampton Sally Bloomfield
School Close Shobrooke Sally Bloomfield
Shapland Place Tiverton Zoe Burgess
Shortlands Road Cullompton Suzanne Palmer
Shortridge Mead Tiverton Zoe Burgess
Shuttern Close Newton St Cyres Sally Bloomfield
Siddalls Gardens Tiverton Zoe Burgess
Silver Park Kentisbeare Suzanne Palmer
Silver Street Thorverton Sally Bloomfield
Silver Way Shobrooke Sally Bloomfield
Skinner Close Tiverton Zoe Burgess
Snows Estate Sandford Sally Bloomfield
Somerlea Willand Suzanne Palmer
Somerville Park Willand Suzanne Palmer
Southside Coldridge Sally Bloomfield
Southside The Green Coldridge Sally Bloomfield
South View Hemyock Suzanne Palmer
South View Holcombe Rogus Sally Bloomfield
South View Westleigh Sally Bloomfield
Spruce Park Crediton Sally Bloomfield
Stanbury Court Crediton Sally Bloomfield
St Andrews Estate Cullompton Suzanne Palmer
St Andrew Street North Tiverton Suzanne Palmer
Station Approach Crediton Sally Bloomfield
Station Road Yeoford Sally Bloomfield
St Swithins Gardens Sandford Sally Bloomfield
Sunningbrook Road Tiverton Zoe Burgess
Sunny Court Chawleigh Sally Bloomfield
Sunnymead Copplestone Sally Bloomfield
Sycamore Road Tiverton Zoe Burgess
Tannery Crediton Sally Bloomfield
Temple Crescent Tiverton Suzanne Palmer
The Bungalows Crediton Sally Bloomfield
The Close Butterleigh Suzanne Palmer
The Close Tiverton Zoe Burgess
The Village Shobrooke Sally Bloomfield
The Walronds Tiverton Zoe Burgess
Thurlow Close Crediton Sally Bloomfield
Townlands Bradninch Suzanne Palmer
Town Mead Oakford Sally Bloomfield
Tozers Bow Sally Bloomfield
Tumbling Fields Tiverton Suzanne Palmer
Turner Rise Tiverton Zoe Burgess
Tytheing Close Newton St Cyres Sally Bloomfield
Location Parish Officer
Union Hill Down St Mary Sally Bloomfield
Valley View Culmstock Suzanne Palmer
Valley View Morebath Sally Bloomfield
Vickery Close Cullompton Suzanne Palmer
Watery Lane Tiverton Zoe Burgess
Wellbrook Green Tiverton Zoe Burgess
Western Road Zeal Monachorum Sally Bloomfield
Westexe North Tiverton Zoe Burgess
Westexe South Tiverton Zoe Burgess
Westfield Bradninch Suzanne Palmer
Westfield Road Tiverton Zoe Burgess
Westgate Lapford Sally Bloomfield
West Street Bampton Sally Bloomfield
Whitebrook Terrace Holcombe Rogus Sally Bloomfield
Wingfield Close Tiverton Zoe Burgess
Winswood Crediton Sally Bloomfield
Woolcott Way Cullompton Suzanne Palmer
Wordland Cross Cheriton Fitzpaine Sally Bloomfield
Wyndham Road Silverton Sally Bloomfield
Yeo View Yeoford Sally Bloomfield

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