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'Tenants Together – Improving Your Housing Services' is a tenant led group who meet monthly to make sure we are performing well and striving to improve. This entails looking in depth at how we manage the service and how good our services are. The role of the group is to act as an independent critical friend, carrying out impartial reviews around the service areas, business planning and performance of the Housing Service. It also ensures that all tenants have the opportunity to measure, test, monitor and influence service delivery.

The membership consists of:

  • up to eleven independent tenants including one leaseholder

  • a Lead Member for Tenants' from the Decent & Affordable Homes Policy Development Group (PDG)

We are always looking for more tenants to join this group. If you would like more information on how to apply to join, please contact us.

Tenants Together Minutes:

Alternatively, you can call us directly on 01884 234 918 to get further information and advice.

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