We own over 1,000 garages across Mid Devon. For availability, see Vacant Garages for Let. For details of charges please either Contact us or call 01884 234280.

You can rent a garage by completing our online form, see Apply for a garage or garage ground rent plot. You will be asked to provide your personal details and you will be able to choose up to three areas in which you wish to rent a garage. Priority is given to tenants living within those areas.

Who can apply for a garage?

Anyone over 18 years of age is eligible to apply.

Businesses may apply for a garage to store a vehicle for business purposes. They may also store other items but not use the garage as a retail outlet or for advertising purposes.

Registered charities can rent garages at a reduced amount as long as we see proof of charitable registration.

Who is not eligible to apply for a garage?

Anyone who has the following may not apply to rent a garage:

  • MDDC tenants who are in rent arrears or breach of tenancy conditions
  • Committed acts of anti-social behaviour within the last two years
  • Allowed a council property to be used for illegal purposes
  • Serious damage or neglect of a council property
  • Intentionally misinforming us about information that we would need
  • Threatening behaviour or being violent or abusive towards council staff within the last two years

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