In order to rent a garage or ground rent plot you need to complete an application form and offer proof of identity and place of residence. Listed below are the types of identification we can accept. We need at least one item from each list for both identity and residence.

Driving Licence (photocard and/or paper counterpart)

Passport (current and valid)

Birth Certificate (full or short)

Employment / Student Card

Marriage or Civil Partnership Certificate

Deed Poll Document

Divorce / Annulment Papers

NHS Medical Card

National Insurance Card

Identity Card

Driving Licence (photocard and/or paper counterpart)

Recent Utility Bill (paid in last quarter)

Council Tax Bill

Rent Card

Tenancy Agreement

Benefit Statement

Electoral Registration Card

Recent Bank Statement (dated within last four weeks)

Recent Pay Slip

Life Assurance / Insurance Policies

Certificate of Employment in HM Forces or Merchant Navy

Confirmation Letter from Employer, Solicitor, Social Worker, Probation Officer or Inland Revenue

We will not take responsibility for any items contained within a rented garage. It is up to you to make sure they are insured.

You will need to provide a copy of an insurance certificate for the vehicle to be stored in the garage. If you have registered your vehicle with the DVLA as off-road, then we need to see your Statutory Off-Road Notice (SORN) instead. Information on how to register your car as off-road can be found on the website

If you are using the garage to store other items, you will need to sign a disclosure admitting you are responsible for the items stored.

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