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COVID-19: Council housing repairs update

Read our FAQs to find out what housing repairs we'll be prioritising during the COVID-19 outbreak

Privacy Notice – Housing Repairs

What information to we collect about you, as a council tenant or household member?

• Your name

• Your date of birth

• Your previous, current and forwarding addresses

• Your contact details

• Racial or ethnic origin where a language barrier or cultural need has been mentioned by you

• Religious beliefs where you would like us to know this

• Physical or mental health conditions that you have told us about

• Criminal offences or alleged offences where this is relevant to housing repairs visits

• Bank details

When do we collect this information?

Our Housing Tenancy team collects all of the above information at sign up. Housing Tenancy or Repairs officers may collect updated information at any point during the tenancy.

How do we collect this information?

We collect this information in a number of ways, including over the phone, in person, in writing and by email. We may also receive this information indirectly, for example from other professionals, such as occupational therapists or GPs.

Why is it being collected?

• For the purpose of arranging council housing repairs

• For the purpose of advising tenants of works being carried out in neighbouring areas

• For the purpose of improving the customer experience

• For the purpose of keeping operatives, contractors and customers safe.

• For the purpose of assessing need for disabled adaptations

• To make compensation payments or refunds

• To take payments for rechargeable repairs

• For the purposes of recording tenant feedback

• For recording and investigating complaints.

How will it be used?

The housing repairs service will keep the information on our housing system in order to identify you when you contact us. We will use the information for identity checks during phone calls to protect your information.

Your information will be kept on housing system for office admin team to contact tenants about repairs and repairs appointments. Some of this information, where required, will be shared with council repairs operatives through use of a secure mobile device.

Who will it be shared with?

• Council repairs operatives

• Housing Tenancy teams

• Friends, family or professionals with a written ‘consent to disclose’

• Contractors used by the council

• Our energy supplier

• Social services or police where there is a concern for welfare, this will normally be with your permission

What are we doing to ensure the security of your personal information?

Repairs teams are trained regularly on principles of data protection

The housing management, asset management and mobile working systems along with all MDDC ICT systems are accredited to Public Service Network standards and staff access to systems are restricted to relevant and adequate levels.

Information held on paper is stored securely with restricted access.

Sensitive information on paper is securely shredded and destroyed in accordance with data protection laws.

How long does the Housing Service store this information?

Information relating to repairs may be securely kept for the duration of the council’s ownership of the property. Information related solely to the tenancy will be kept in accordance with the tenancy privacy notice.

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