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Tenancy fraud within housing has been estimated to currently cost the government £900 million each year. This ultimately comes at considerable cost to the tax payer.

Social housing is an extremely valuable asset; it provides people with a stable, low cost home. Across Mid Devon, abuse of social housing not only deprives those in a genuine need who play by the rules, they are using up valuable housing accommodation and depriving families and individuals on the housing waiting list. 

What is tenancy fraud?

Housing tenancy fraud is the use of social housing by someone not entitled to occupy that home, the most common types of fraud are:-

  • sub letting
  • using false information to gain a tenancy
  • wrongly claimed succession
  • key selling
  • non residence

Why is it important to tackle tenancy fraud?

Mid Devon does not have enough social housing to meet the requirements of people who genuinely need it and has to make the best use of the housing stock that is available, safeguarding occupation for those who are legally entitled to do so. People waiting for social housing will have to wait even longer if homes continue to be occupied by people who have no right to be there.

Temporary accommodation incurs a huge cost to each local authority and social housing fraud has been identified as the largest fraud loss across local government.

We are part of a partnership along with other local authorities and social landlords within Devon to tackle tenancy fraud. We take tenancy fraud very seriously and will take action to regain possession of properties wherever we find evidence of tenancy fraud.

How to report tenancy fraud?

If you suspect that someone is committing tenancy fraud you should report it straight away by contacting us. All information received will be taken seriously and treated in the strictest confidence.

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