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Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMO) Licensing Register - Privacy Notice

When you apply for a licence for a house in multiple occupation (HMO) you are supplying us with information about the properties you own, your name, address and contact numbers and whether you have any convictions.

This information is collected by Public Health and Regulatory Services at Mid Devon District Council.

The information is collected through the application form and stored on our system electronically but some of the information must be stored in a public register.

The information is used to determine whether you are eligible to be a licence holder for a HMO.

The information is used to process your application for a licence. Some of the information must also be added to the public register of licensed properties.

Your data may be shared with other council departments or partner agencies. This will be to verify information provided as part of the licence application. It may also be used to assist with investigations relating to the property by us or statutory agencies such as the police or fire service.

Members of the public may also view certain information that must be held in the public register.

Any correspondence between agencies or departments which contains personal information is sent by encrypted email.

All other information in paper form is scanned to the electronic file and the paper copy destroyed via confidential waste processes.

We are legally required to keep licence records including personal information for as long as the property remains licensed. A licence is valid for 5 years at which point a new licence application must be made. Where the information provided previously remains relevant this can be used again to renew the licence.

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