Upholding the law

In the case of tenants of private landlords and housing associations some laws are enforced by us:

  • where a landlord fails to do repairs or where the home lacks proper facilities (such as bathroom facilities), we can require them to do the necessary works and if they still don't do them, we can do the works at the landlord's expense and/or prosecute
  • houses used as bedsits, hostels and so on which are shared by people who do not form a single household are subject to special requirements including number of toilets, bathrooms and kitchens as well as fire precautions


We provide Disabled Facilities Grants to property owners as well as tenants. These grants are available to provide specific adaptations for people who are registered as disabled.                                             

Tenant/landlord disputes

Disputes between those renting and letting a property are often caused by misunderstandings that could be prevented by having access to better information on the rights and responsibilities of both tenants and landlords. See the factsheets under "Downloads" on the right of this page. 

Working more closely with private landlords

We're exploring how we can develop better links with both new and experienced private-sector landlords. We want to work closely with landlords to see how we can help each other and develop a network of support that can help you run your own business and at the same time raise and maintain standards.

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