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Ashley Rise EX16 5PW

Marley Close EX16 6UX

Banksia Close EX16 6UQ

Orchard Leigh EX16 5HJ

Colesmead EX16 4PE

Palmerston Park EX16 5PG

Cotteylands  EX16 5DB

Popham Close EX16 4GB

Cudmore Park EX16 4QJ

Queensway EX16 6HT

Everett Place (1)EX16 6UN

Starkey Close EX16 4BE

Everett Place (2) EX16 6UF

Spencer Drive EX16 4QB

Halsbury Road EX16 4AA

Trickey Close EX16 6EX

Hawthorn Road EX16 6HD

Waylands EX16 6UT

Lowman Priory EX16 6TQ

Wilcombe EX16 4LR

Marguerite EX16 6TB

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