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Strategies and policies

MDH policy documents can be found on this page.  Our policies set out:

  • how MDH will manage our homes
  • create sustainable communities and
  • provide a fair and transparent service to all our service users and meet the expectations set out by the Regulator of Social Housing, within the Regulatory Standards. 

To find out more about these standards, please visit Regulatory standards - GOV.UK (

An Equality Impact Assessment is carried out when each policy is created or reviewed to ensure fairness and equality.  

Requests for alternative formats will be considered on an individual basis. 

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Tenancy Standard Policy

Tenancy Standard


MDH Allocation Policy 2022

MDH Tenancy Management Policy 2022

MDH Leaseholder Management Policy 2022

MDH Decant Policy 2022

MDH Vulnerability Policy 2022

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