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  • KEEP YOUR WASTE AND RECYCLING INSIDE FOR AT LEAST 72 HOURS before putting in your waste storage area.
  • Store personal waste (like used tissues) and disposable cleaning cloths securely in rubbish bags.
  • Place these bags within a second bag, tie it securely and store it in a separate room from where you are self-isolating.
  • Keep the bags there for AT LEAST 72 HOURS before putting them out for collection on your correct collection day.
  • Recycling and garden waste can be placed in your usual bin/boxes.
  • PLEASE CARRY ON RECYCLING. It is vital that those self-isolating keep using the correct bins. Overfilling your black sacks may result in spillages and loose rubbish in the streets.
  • Where possible please place your waste and recycling at the kerb side as close to 6:00am as possible on the day of collection and not before 6:00pm the evening before your collection.

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