CIL - Preliminary Draft Charging Schedule Consultation

Consultation on the Preliminary Draft Charging Schedule ended on Friday 11th July 2014.

A summary of the representations received as well as the individual representations can be found below:

Preliminary Draft Charging Schedule Consultation - Summary of Representations

Rep 1 Mr P Pugsley Rep 2 Mary Seaton
Rep 3 Mr W Thomas Rep 4 ASDA Stores Ltd
Rep 5 Cullompton Town Council Rep 6 Gladman Developments
Rep 7 Willand Parish Council Rep 8 Highways Agency
Rep 9 Morchard Bishop Parish Council Rep 10 Network Rail
Rep 11 The Theatres Trust Rep 12 Waddeton Park Ltd
Rep 13 Tiverton Town Council Rep 14 PM Asset Management
Rep 15 Thorverton Parish Council Rep 16 Mr G Wheeler
Rep 17 South West HARP Planning Consortium Rep 18 Devon County Council
Rep 19 McCarthy & Stone and Churchill Retirement Ltd Rep 20 Halberton Parish Council
Rep 21 Devon & Cornwall Police Rep 22 Mr D Randell


A further consultation on the revised CIL, proposing a 'Draft Charging Schedule', will take place in the autumn, and will be held alongside a consultation on the new Local Plan for the district.  The charging schedule and Local Plan will then jointly undergo an Examination in Public prior to adoption and implementation.

All documentation which was published as part of the Preliminary Draft Charging Schedule consultation can be found below:

Preliminary Draft Charging Schedule

Charging Schedule Explanatory Document

Instalments Policy  

Viability Study 2014 (full report)

Viability Study 2014 Appendices

Draft Infrastructure Plan 2014 and Regulation 123 List

Anyone with a query regarding the preparation of the revised Community Infrastructure Levy charging schedule should contact the Forward Planning team on 01884 234334 or 01884 234344

Unimplemented CIL Charging Schedule

On 28th May 2014 the Council's Cabinet decided not to implement the Community Infrastructure Levy.  A draft charging schedule had been subject to Examination during November 2012 with the Council subsequently agreeing to adopt the levy in February 2014.  The decision not to currently implement the levy reflects the fact that the restriction on the pooling of Section 106 contributions has been deferred by the Government until April 2015, and also the reduced level of funding which CIL was likely to raise to pay for the necessary infrastructure on strategic-sized sites.

Documents and links related to the unimplemented charging schedule can be found below:

Examiner's Report- The Final Report by David Hogger (Examiner appointed by the Council)

Charging Schedule and Advisory notes

Cabinet decision not to implement the existing charging schedule

The CIL Examination page

The Examination Documents

Regulation 123 statement

Instalment policy

Feedback form

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