Mid Devon District Council Opening Statement                                                                                                                        

ED/2  Issues and Questions

Mid Devon District Council Response to the Examiners' Issues and Questions. Received 12 November 2012.

ED/1  Guidance for interested parties

ED/3  Hearing Programme and Participants (version 2)

Hearing Session Agenda

Initial Questions from the Examiner to the Council and the Council Response

CIL/1 - Mid Devon District Council Core Strategy

CIL/2 - Allocations and Infrastructure Development Plan Document

CIL/3 - Draft Charging Schedule (Submission Version)

CIL/4 - Community Infrastructure Levy Draft Charging Schedule Submission Declaration

CIL/5 - Statement of Modifications

CIL/6 - Summary of Representations to Draft Charging Schedule

CIL/7 - Full CIL Representations Made

Rep 1 - R Hicks Rep 2 - Mr E Dennis Rep 3 - Mr Elliott Rep 4 - Ms L Mackie
Rep 5 - Woodland Trust Rep 6 - Mr Gibbs Rep 7 - Halberton Parish Council Rep 8 - Burlescombe Parish Council
Rep 9 - West Manley Lane Conservation Group Rep 10 - Acorus Rep 11 - Gleeson Rep 12 - Mr and Mrs Collier
Rep 13 - Country Land and Business Association Rep 14 - Environment Agency Rep 15 - Persimmon Homes Rep 16 - Devon County Council
Rep 17 - PCL Planning Rep 18 - Crediton Town Council Rep 19 - Devonshire Homes Rep 20 - Sainsbury's co
Rep 21 - McCarthy and Stone Rep 22 - Cullompton Town Council Rep 23 - Tetlow King Planning Rep 24 - Bradninch Town Council
Rep 25 - Bow Parish Council Rep 26 - Mr M Holmes Rep 27 - Mrs J Johnstone  

CIL/8 - Infrastructure Plan

CIL/9 - Mid Devon Housing Viability Report

CIL/10 - Mid Devon Non Residential Viability Final Report

CIL/11 - Further Residential Viability Assessment

CIL/12 - Preliminary Draft Charging Schedule

CIL/13 - Preliminary Draft Charging Schedule Representations

Letter received from Devon County Council dated 26th October 2012

Further written submissions received by 2nd November 2012

ES/1 - South West HARP Planning Consortium co Tetlow King Planning

ES/2 - Devonshire Homes co Jillings Hutton Planning

ES/3 - PCL Planning part 1

ES/3 - PCL Planning part 2

Question from Examiner to Mid Devon District Council: Affordable Housing. Received 12 November 2012.

Mid Devon District Council Statement regarding assessment of viability of CIL at 35% affordable housing

Mid Devon District Council Generic Viability Models

Question from Examiner to Mid Devon District Council: Clarification Requested from Council. Received 15 November 2012.

Response from Mid Devon District Council. Received 19 November 2012.


ED/4  Information Requested by the Examiner - Timetable

Responses from Mid Devon District Council

Updated Infrastructure Priority List

Clarification on proportions of Social and Affordable Rent Housing

Expected relationship between Section 106 and Reg 123 list

Response from Jillings Hutton Planning - Response to 3 Statements provided by MDDC

Response from PCL Planning - Response to 3 Statements provided by MDDC

Response from Tetlow King Planning - Response to Affordable Rent Housing Statement by MDDC

Analysis of recent house sales figures by Mid Devon District Council

Response from PCL Planning - Response to recent house sales figures supplied by MDDC, Sales Figures

Response from Jillings Hutton Planning - Response to recent house sales figures supplied by MDDC, Moorhayes sales 2012

Response from Anthony Crean QC - Mid Devon Cil Opinion

Response from MDDC - Response to SEA legal opinion

Persimmon Homes SW (2012 - Random Sales Sample)

Documents circulated during the Hearing

Report to London Borough of Redbridge Council

Mid Devon District Council - Priority List April 2010


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