What is a garden village?

Garden villages will be part of a new generation of locally led development to meet local housing need, with a focus on creating attractive, well-designed places. One of the key benefits of garden village status is that it will assist in delivering urgently needed infrastructure for Cullompton. We propose to prioritise any government financial support to highway improvements including the town centre relief road and M5 J28 improvements together with measures to reduce flood risk.

Expression of interest

In July 2016, we submitted an Expression of Interest to the government for a locally-led garden village of up to 5,000 houses on land to the East of Cullompton. Via a ministerial announcement on 2 January 2017, the government confirmed the success of our expression of interest for a Culm garden village, one of only 14 to be announced, see GOV.UK - First ever garden villages named with government support. Our Expression of Interest was supported by Cullompton Town CouncilCullompton Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group and the Heart of the South West Local Enterprise Partnership.

We have now received written confirmation from the Department of Communities and Local Government, see Letter 4 Jan 2017 - Re: Culm Garden Village Expression of Interest.

Land east of Cullompton


Our Local Plan Review identifies the area to the East of Cullompton as a suitable location for strategic growth. In addition, a neighbourhood plan for Cullompton is being prepared by the community, which also proposes housing in this area in order to support community infrastructure.

The first 1,750 new houses to form the first phase of the garden village are proposed to be on land allocated under our Local Plan Review with the potential of additional housing being allocated under the Cullompton Neighbourhood Plan.

We are currently publically consulting on our Local Plan Review proposals until 14 February 2017.

Long term development

In the longer term, a second phase of the development, potentially bringing the total number of new houses up to 5,000, may be identified on additional land in the area. Any additional development will need to go through the allocation process in a later development plan and will be subject to full public consultation. Accordingly the maps in the expressions of interest are illustrative, showing only one way the garden village may be developed. They are not to be regarded as definitive in terms of boundaries or where development may take place.

More information

We'll be creating a dedicated website in the coming weeks. Until the website is launched, please refer to this webpage for information and updates.

For further information about garden villages visit GOV.UK - Locally-led garden villages, towns and cities.

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