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Public Consultation - Community Centre, Tiverton Eastern Urban Extension (EUE)

Tell us your thoughts on the planned Community Centre for the Tiverton Eastern Urban Extension.

There is an exciting opportunity to create a new community centre on the Tiverton Eastern Urban Extension (EUE). The Tiverton EUE is the new development that is happening to the east of Tiverton, near Post Hill. It includes the new housing of Braid Park, Fairfax Heath and Blundell’s Grange.  At the heart of the EUE is a proposed neighbourhood centre of shops, school and a community centre.

Mid Devon District Council in collaboration with Grainge Architects would like to know your thoughts for the community centre. We would like to know what should be considered for the community centre and what is important to you. The Council wants the community centre to serve the local community in a building that enhances the character and appearance of the area. But we can’t do it without you!

The Council would therefore be delighted if you could come along to Tiverton Golf Club on January 17 between 3pm and 8pm to talk to Grainge Architects and officers from the District Council about what activities you would like to see happening in the community centre and what kind of building and outdoor space you might like to see. This is your opportunity to have your say early in the planning process to shape the future of the community centre.

If you can’t make it on January 17 you can also submit any comments you may have to:

To ensure your comments help shape the design of the community centre, comments will be welcomed up until February 16, 2024. This will not however be your only opportunity to get involved as another workshop is planned at a future date as the design of the building and outdoor space starts to emerge.      

If you would like to talk to an officer of the District Council, please call Christie McCombe on 01884 234277

View the consultation material.

We look forward to meeting you on January 17 or receiving any comments you may have at

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