The Revised Local Development Scheme (LDS) has been approved by the Secretary of State and came into effect on 15th June 2010.

(superseded) GOSW Letter - Approved MDDC Local Development Scheme 2010

(superseded) Approved Local Development Scheme 2010

The Local Development Scheme sets key milestones for the preparation of the Development Plan.


Allocations & Infrastructure Development Plan Document milestones:

July 2007 Public Participation
September 2007 Scoping Sustainability Appraisal
October 2009


December 2009 Submission
April 2010 Hearings
September 2010


Development Management Development Plan Document milestones:

September 2010 Scoping Sustainability Appraisal
May 2011 Public participation
February 2012 Publication
July 2012 Submission
November 2012 Hearings
May 2013 Adoption

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