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A revised Local Development Scheme (LDS) was approved by Cabinet on 27th September 2012 (there is no longer a requirement to gain approval from the Secretary of State).

(superseded) Local Development Scheme 2012

The previous LDS has been in place since June 2010 and since this time there have been significant changes to the planning system. The new LDS incorporates these changes and also provides an update on documents that have been adopted since the previous LDS was produced. It also provides an updated timetable for the adoption of the Local Plan Part 3 (development management policies) as well as setting the timescale for the review of the Core Strategy and the Allocations and Infrastructure Development Plan Document.

The LDS sets key milestones for the preparation and revision of the elements of the Local Plan.

In summary these are as follows:


Local Plan Part 3 (development management policies) stages:

Publication Stage Consultation September 2012
Submission December 2012
Hearings April 2013
Adoption August 2013
Revision 2018

Core Strategy Review (Local Plan Parts 1 and 2)

Sustainability Appraisal Scoping August 2013
Preparation Stage Consultation April 2014
Publication Stage Consultation July 2015
Submission December 2015
Hearings May 2016
Adoption October 2016
Revision 2021

Details of the compliance with LDS timetables can be found within the Annual Monitoring Report produced in December each year.

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