Mid Devon District Council is reviewing the Local Plan for development in Mid Devon over the next 15-20 years, including the Core Strategy, the Allocations and Infrastructure Development Plan Document and Development Management Policies.


Submission of Local Plan Review (31 March 2017)

The Mid Devon Local Plan Review was submitted to the Planning Inspectorate on 31 March 2017 for examination.  The Secretary of State has appointed Mr Paul Griffiths BSc (Hons) BArch IHBC to conduct the examination and to report to the Council in due course. The Local Plan Review Examination page will be regularly updated with the most recent information on the Examination Hearings and Documents. Contact details for the Programme Officer can also be found on this page.

The Local Plan Review will guide development in the district over a 20 year period and aims to ensure that new homes, jobs and services required by communities are located in the most sustainable places. It will also help deliver the infrastructure, facilities and other developments needed to make this possible.

The last period of public consultation between 3rd January and 14th February 2017 looked at the changes to the Plan which were made in response to comments previously raised by the public and other organisations. The 1367 comments received have been reviewed by the Council and have been sent to the Planning Inspectorate together with the plan and associated documentation.

An Independent Planning Inspector will examine the Local Plan and all comments received. The examination is a continuous process running from submission through to the receipt of the Inspector’s Report. Part of the process will involve hearing sessions where those invited to attend by the Inspectorate, will have the opportunity to respond to matters raised by the Inspector. Once information on the hearing sessions is confirmed, all details relating to the examination process will be advertised and made available online. Submission documents can be viewed by clicking on the link below.

View the Submission Documents Here

The Council received 739 submissions to the consultation.  These are now available online using the search facility below:

Search Facility

You can search all representations received by policy, surname, ID number or organisation.

To view a pdf of representations received and listed in policy order please use the link below:

Representations in Policy Order

If you have any queries please contact the Forward Planning Team on 01884 234344.

Future Local Plan e-updates

To keep you up to date in an efficient manner we intend to rely more heavily on e-mails in the future. This will make an important contribution to making the best use of public funds and will also have environmental benefits of reducing paper usage. If you have not provided us with an e-mail address please provide this along with your representation.

Updated Timescale

A revised Local Development Scheme (LDS) was approved by Cabinet on 21st November 2016.

The new LDS sets in place an updated timescale for the review of the Core Strategy and the Allocations and Infrastructure Development Plan Document (AIDPD, to form one overall Local Plan).

What has happened previously?

What has happened previously and responses to consultations on the Local Plan Review can be viewed on the History page.


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