Mid Devon District Council is reviewing the Local Plan for development in Mid Devon over the next 15-20 years, including the Core Strategy, the Allocations and Infrastructure Development Plan Document and Development Management Policies.


Junction 27 Update

Full Council on 22nd September 2016 voted to allocate land at Junction 27 of the M5 for leisure, tourism and retail as part of the Local Plan Review. Details of the Council meeting can be found here. The Local Plan Review, with the inclusion land at Junction 27, will be considered by Councillors in November 2016 for a further period of consultation anticipated January – February 2017 before the expected submission of the Local Plan Review to the planning inspectorate in March 2017 for examination.

Future Local Plan e-updates

To keep you up to date in an efficient manner we intend to rely more heavily on e-mails in the future. This will make an important contribution to making the best use of public funds and will also have environmental benefits of reducing paper usage. For more information and latest planning news read the January 2016 planning newsletter here.

Updated Timescale

A revised Local Development Scheme (LDS) was approved by Cabinet on 22nd October 2015. This is due to be updated shortly.

The new LDS sets in place an updated timescale for the review of the Core Strategy and the Allocations and Infrastructure Development Plan Document (AIDPD, to form one overall Local Plan).

Local Plan Review Submission Consultation

Consultation on the Local Plan Review Proposed Submission took place between 9 February and 27 April 2015. The consultation period has now closed and no further representations can be submitted.

The Council received just under 1000 submissions to the consultation.  These are now available online using the search facility below:

Search Facility

You can search all representations received during the proposed submission stage of the Local Plan Review by policy, surname, ID number or organisation. For a list of policy codes or ID numbers please use the links below:

Policy Codes

ID by Surname

If you have any trouble accessing the representations, please contact the Forward Planning team on 01884 234922.

The Council is now in the process of reviewing the comments submitted during the consultation period, to determine the scope and significance of the issues they raise for the plan. Further updates will be posted on this page in due course.

Proposed Submission Consultation - what happened

A third stage of consultation on the Local Plan Review was held 9 Feb - 27 April.

The Local Plan Review will guide development in the district over the next 20 years and is reaching the final stages in its preparation and development. It aims to make sure that new homes, jobs and services required by communities are located in the most sustainable places. It will also help deliver the infrastructure, facilities and other development needed to make this possible.

Two previous consultations were held on the Local Plan Review. The first was held in Jul - Aug 2013 on the scope of the new Local Plan which set out the broad issues facing the district and invited people to put forward ideas and aspirations for how Mid Devon should develop over the coming years. Following this, a second consultation was held in Jan - Mar 2014 which invited people to look at the possible options available to meet the aspirations identified following the first consultation.

This consultation invites people to provide comments on the Local Plan Review Proposed Submission. Any representations at this stage will be submitted to the Secretary of State along with the Local Plan and other relevant documents. An independent inspector will then hold an examination on the Local Plan which will take into account public and other opinion when judging whether the plan is sound.

The Local Plan Review Proposed Submission document can be downloaded below.

The Council has also prepared a Sustainability Appraisal publication report and welcomes comments on this.


'Updated'  Statement of Representations Procedure

'Updated'  Statement of availability of proposed documents

Statement of Consultation before Publication


(Maps can be viewed on the Local Plan Review Maps page)


SUSTAINABILITY APPRAISAL DOCUMENTS - Sustainability Appraisal, Appendix 1 (Review of plans and programmes), Appendix 2 (Part 1 Strategic policies and town allocations), Appendix 2 (Part 2 Villages allocations), Appendix 2 and 3 (Part 3 DM policies and undeliverable sites), Non-Technical summary



For further details of studies and assessments being undertaken, or progress on Local Plan preparation, please contact the Forward Planning team on 01884 234334 / 234922.


Public exhibitions were held as follows:

     Tuesday 17 Feb:

     Tiverton Town Hall, 4pm - 7pm

     Saturday 21 Feb:

     Crediton Mid Devon District Council Area Office, 9.30am - 12.30pm

     Tuesday 24 Feb:

     Crediton Mid Devon District Council Area Office, 4pm - 7pm

     Saturday 28 Feb:

     Tiverton Town Hall, 9.30am - 12.30pm

     Tuesday 3 Mar:

     Cullompton, The Walronds, 4pm - 7pm

     Thursday 5 Mar:

     Cullompton, The Walronds, 4pm - 7pm

     Saturday 14 Mar:

     Cullompton, The Walronds, 9.30am - 12.30pm

     Saturday 11 Apr:

     Cullompton, The Walronds, 9.30am - 12.30pm

     Tuesday 14 Apr:

     Tiverton Town Hall, 4pm - 7pm

     Wednesday 15 Apr:

     Crediton Mid Devon District Council Area Office, 4pm - 7pm


What has happened previously?


What has happened previously and responses to the scoping and options consultations on the Local Plan Review can be viewed on the History page.



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