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5 September 2018

This page is being hosted temporarily by Mid-Devon District Council on behalf of Tiverton Town Council whilst a new website for the Town Council is being built. All content displayed will transfer to Tiverton Town Council's new web site within the next few weeks.

A Neighbourhood Plan for Tiverton is in development. Halberton was originally included in this, but Halberton Parish Council has now decided not to participate in a joint Plan with Tiverton. As a result, the Plan Area is being re-designated. The revised area is co-terminus with the Tiverton parish boundary, as indicated in the Proposed Tiverton Neighbourhood Plan Area Map.

Tiverton Town Council gave its approval for this work to proceed on 30 July 2018.

In his presentation to the Council the appointed Chairman of the Steering Group - the Rev Ian Johnson - said, “Have you thought about what Tiverton will be like in 2035?  You may think you don’t care about looking that far ahead, but there are those in planning departments in district and county council offices who are thinking just that.  Planning and development of towns and communities are rolling programmes and the Localism Act of 2011 was designed to enable today’s residents and to influence how their community will look and feel in the future”, he added.

The development of the Plan will need to take account of the Local Plan and the Town Centre Master Plan.

There have been two well-attended meeting of potential volunteers interested in helping with the development of the Plan.

There will be a further meeting on 17 October 2018 at 18:30 at the Town Hall.

The high-level project plan covers several phases: 

  • Mobilisation - planning the project and stakeholder engagement, and recruiting a consultant with expertise on neighbourhood plans (paid for from Government funding). We can also tap in to technical expertise, for things like protecting open spaces, also funded by Government.
  • Analysis - looking at the work done up to 2014 and producing draft topics and themes for further consideration.
  • Deliberation - when the Steering Group will task the Topic Interest Groups to work on the different aspect of the Plan, to produce elements of the draft Plan.
  • Production - which is about putting the Plan together, with all the necessary evidence to support it, prior to public consultation.
  • Consultation - including a referendum on the proposed Plan.
  • Delivery - putting the Plan into effect.

Several documents are available for download:

General Information about Neighbourhood Plans

General information about Neighbourhood Plans is available from the Royal Town Planning Institute web site.

Neighbourhood Plans can cover: 

  • Development and restoration of housing
  • Provision for businesses
  • Transport and access.
  • Development and improvement of community facilities.
    • councils can receive 25% of the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL).
  • Design of buildings (MDDC has also started thinking about this).
  • Protection and creation of open spaces.
  • Propose designation of assets of community value (under Localism Act 2011) - used for open spaces, pubs, etc.
  • Protection of important buildings and historic assets.
  • Promotion of renewable energy.
  • Note that this is all about planning matters.
  • Neighbourhood Plan means that parish and district councils are better able to influence planning decisions for the benefit of the community.

Tiverton Neighbourhood Plan Topics and Themes

The Plan will comprise these topics:

  • Housing.
  • Highways and Transportation.
  • Tourism.
  • Retail and business.
  • Recreation and open spaces.

Throughout each topic the following themes will also be considered:

  • Wellbeing and healthy living.
  • Heritage and Conservation.
  • Environment and Sustainability.

Can you help?

It is really important to have a representative cross section of stakeholders, with interests in particular topic and themes, to aid the development of the Plan. Demonstrating that the Plan has inputs from a good cross section of individuals and groups is essential during the consultation stage, and when it is examined during the pre-adoption stage.

Those interested in helping with the Plan who have not yet attended a meeting or otherwise contacted us are requested to download and complete the Expression of Interest Form, and then send it by email to

Alternatively, it can be posted to the Town Hall for the attention of the Neighbourhood Plan secretariat - at:

Town Hall
St Andrew Street
EX16 6PG

You can also express your general interest by telephoning the Town Hall on 01884 253 404. Please supply your contact details and indicate your area of interest and/or expertise.

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