The Statement of Community Involvement sets out the Council's policy on consultation and public participation when local plans or supplementary planning documents are prepared and planning applications considered.

Adopted Statement of Community Involvement (August 2012)

Statement of Community Involvement Review

The Council is in the process of reviewing its Statement of Community Involvement to reflect a number of changes to the planning system and to reconsider the most effective methods of involving the community in the planning process. Consultation on the revised Statement of Community Involvement ran from 23rd May – 18th July 2016. A total of 14 valid representations were received.

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Statement of Community Involvement: Draft Review (May 2016)

Representations received

A summary of the representations received during the initial consultation, along with the individual representations are shown below:

Summary of representations


Rep 1 –

Tiverton Civic Society

Rep 2 –

G J Palin 

Rep 3 –

Eddie Dennis 

Rep 4 –

Network Rail 

Rep 5 –

Devon County Council

Rep 6 –

Crediton Town Council

Rep 7 –

St Andrew’s Church

Rep 8 –

Willand Parish Council

Rep 9 –

Woodland Trust

Rep 10 –

Mike Baldwin

Rep 11 –

Natural England

Rep 12 –

DCC Public Health

Rep 13 –

Nicholas Allen

Rep 14 –

Devon and Cornwall Police



If you have an enquiry about community involvement in the planning process or would like to be added to the consultation database, please feel free to talk to any officer in the Forward Planning team on 01884 234334, 01884 234344 or 01884 234398.

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