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Mid Devon District Council is launching a trial of three weekly waste collections to more than a thousand households in the district.

The trial will take place in Holcombe Rogus and Westleigh as well as the area in and around Canal Hill in Tiverton, over a three month period starting on the 7th July. 

The trial is part of a process to improve recycling rates and reduce the residual waste put out for collection, which in turn will reduce the carbon impact as well as emissions from our collection vehicles. It will also help the Council to meet with Government guidelines to recycle 65% of household waste by 2035 and Devon’s proposed 60% target rate by 2025. Mid Devon has not implemented any significant changes to its waste collections since 2015 and is now looking to follow many others local authorities, including neighbouring Somerset, who have successfully implemented three-weekly residual waste schemes.

The 180L Grey Wheelie bins we are going to be providing to residents during this trial have been made from 66% of our end of life wheelie bins and the other 34% is made up of 100% recycled materials. This is good news for the environment as we have not used any virgin materials within these wheelie bins and closed looped recycled our end of life wheelie bins into new stock.



All other collections will carry on as normal including; food waste, recycling, chargeable garden waste and bulky waste collections.

If you’re property has been selected to receive a wheelie bin but you already use one that is larger or smaller than 180L, then we will be issuing you with another bin for the trial.

Please make sure you are managing your waste correctly, you can do this by checking our recycling guidance on our website.

If you still require further assistance please contact Customer Services on 01884 255255 so we can deal with your enquiry on a case by case basis.

If you are currently receiving an assisted collection we will still collect your waste from the same location as we do currently.

Missed collection can be reported via our online form which can be found here:  Report a missed collection or by calling Customer Services on 01884 255255.

If you forget to place your waste at the kerbside by 6am on the day of your collection you will need to hold onto your waste until your next collection or contact Devon County Council on 0845 155 1010 to arrange to take your black sack waste to a Recycling Centre.

Food waste will continue to be collected weekly, which means the majority of your bin waste will be dry. If there are any items you feel may produce an odour, then double-bagging them should help. This includes nappies, incontinence pads and cat litter.

Double wrap the products and dispose of them in your grey wheelie bin.

If you don’t have enough room within your wheelie bin to accommodate the nappies/ incontinence pads please make sure you are managing your waste correctly by referring to our recycling guidance. If you need further advice contact Customer Services on 01884 255255 so we can deal with your enquiry on a case by case basis.

A better alternative is to use real nappies which can be reused over and over again. To find out more about real nappies please refer to RecycleDevon/RealNappies.

Waste storage facilities in flats vary. If you live in a flat with little or no space to store waste please contact Customer Services on 01884 255255 for further advice.

Any waste that is not inside your wheelie bin on collection day will not be collected. If you are managing your waste correctly by following our recycling guidance, the likelihood is you will not need a bigger wheelie bin. In fact, you may find you could use a smaller bin. Compressing your waste and placing the bags in sideways may help to use your bin’s capacity to its fullest.

All recyclable items can be found on our A to Z of waste materials web page.

If you are still struggling to manage your waste, please contact Customer Services on 01884 255255.

Extra recycling can be placed in non-black bags and placed out with your recycling. If you use carrier bags for recycling please only place one type of material per bag.

If you need more storage containers for recycling you can order them via our Order a Bin or Box webpage or by calling Customer First on 01884 255255.

The clinical waste service will not be affected by this trial. If you require a clinical waste collection please refer to our clinical waste webpage.

Incontinence pads should be placed in your wheelie bin.

If you bin has been damaged please contact Customer Services 01884 255255 so we are able to replace the wheelie bin.

If your bin has been stolen we require a crime reference number from the police to be able to replace the wheelie bin.

Yes please carry on using the waste service as normal

This trial is non-optional, although in exceptional circumstances we will look at ways in which we can find an alternative solution.

We still expect all homes to take part and to feed back any issues they may have so we can address them.

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