The separation of your recycling into different containers contributes to our environment and helps eliminate contamination from other materials.

undefinedPreviously we asked residents to separate their recycling by using plastic carrier bags. As the Government introduced a 5p charge for using plastic bags at supermarkets from 5 October 2015 we appreciate that our customers may not want to pay to separate their recycling.

To help continue the separation of your recycling, we are happy for you to order additional recycling boxes to meet your needs. Please contact us and provide your name and full address if you wish to do this.

To make recycling easier at home and to help our crews load the lorry safely and quickly, please following our separation guidance:

1-2 x Black Recycling Box(s)


1-2 x Black Recycling Box(s)


1 x Green Recycling Box


The following materials can be loose and mixed together as we can mechanically separate these:

  • Tins
  • Cans
  • Tin foil
  • Plastics (bottles, pots, tubs and trays)

No plastic film or rigid plastic please.

Using either one box by stacking the materials at each end or additional black boxes to separate the following:

  • Glass bottles
  • Glass jars
  • Paper
  • Batteries
  • Textiles

No broken glass please.

The following materials can be loose and mixed together:

  • Cardboard
  • Cardboard packaging
  • Cardboard cartons for food and drinks 

Please do not include paper


If you only have room to store one black recycling box, as long as it is clean and tidy, we will hand sort it by the kerbside for you.

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