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The following disclosure log provides links to copies of FOI and EIR requests we've received and our subsequent responses: 

Reference Subject
EIR06835 EIR06835 Self build/custom housebuilding
FOI06840 FOI06840 Zero hours contracts
FOI06841 FOI06841 Yarak Birds of Prey animal activities licence
FOI06841 FOI06841 Further Information
FOI06844 FOI06844 Dangerous wild animals
FOI06845 FOI06845 Council tax
EIR06846 EIR06846 Pollution Prevention and Control Enforcement Notices (Part A2/B activities)
EIR06848 EIR06848 CPNs, PSPOs, outdoor public spaces and smoking/vaping bans
EIR06848 EIR06848 Further Information
EIR06849 EIR06849 CON29
EIR06849 EIR06849 Further Information
FOI06850 FOI06850 Fraud investigation
FOI06851 FOI06851 Fraud investigation
FOI06853 FOI06853 Business rates datasets
EIR06854 EIR06854 CON29
EIR06854 EIR06854 Further Information
FOI06855 FOI06855 Alcohol events and spend
FOI06856 FOI06856 Breastfeeding support services
FOI06857 FOI06857 Income management and payment system
FOI06858 FOI06858 Business rates
FOI06859 FOI06859 Dangerous Wild Animals Act
FOI06869 FOI06869 Video conferencing software
FOI06870 FOI06870 Business rates
FOI06878 FOI06878 Residual and recycling collections
FOI06887 FOI06887 Children's Social Services


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