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EIR06846 Formal Response

Date received: 19 March 2020

Date response due: 20 April 2020

Date response provided: 17 April 2020

Your request and our response

Please could you provide me with the following details within the area covered by your council, across all records you have. If all records are not available, the time frame I require is from the year 2007 to current records:

  • A list of Pollution Prevention and Control Enforcement Notices (Part A2/B activities) with the reasons why and the address of the operation.

Where possible could the information be provided in the following formats in order of preference?

  1. ESRI Shape File
  2. GML
  3. KML
  4. Excel/csv (including Easting/Northing)

No Notices have been served by the Council since 2007

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