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FOI06850 Formal Response

Date received: 25 March 2020

Date response due: 24 April 2020

Date response provided: 21 April 2020

Your request and our response

How many investigators are in your fraud investigation team? We do not have a dedicated fraud investigation team

Do you have a case management system used by the fraud investigation team? No

If so who supplies it and what is the name of the system?

When does the contractual agreement to use the software expire?

What is the annual cost to use the system?

If you do not have a fraud investigation team, can you please inform me if you are part of a shared fraud investigation team, or if your fraud investigations are outsourced? We have access to a shared fraud investigation team via our membership of Devon Audit Partnership

If they are outsourced can you please inform me who the fraud investigation is outsourced to?


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