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FOI06869 Formal Response

Date received: 16 April 2020

Date response due: 15 May 2020

Date response provided: 20 April 2020

Your request and our response

I am writing under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 to request information about the following questions regarding your authority: My questions relate to video conferencing software:

1. What video conference solution or solutions do you use, or are planning to use in the coming weeks/months? (Webex, Bluejeans, Google Hangounts, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, other - please state) - Zoom and Skype for Business

2. If you have considered and chosen not to use any of the above, what reason other than cost made you decide not to use them? - N/A

3. Have you, or are you planning to use the solution for councillor meetings (closed and/or open to the public)? - Zoom is being used for Committee meetings, the public can attend but are discouraged. The message regarding this is on our website here:

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