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FOI06878 Formal Response

Date received: 22 April 2020

Date response due: 21 May 2020

Date response provided: 28 April 2020

Your request and our response

Can you please advise of the arrangements you have in place for the collection for your residual (aka black bag) household waste. If it is provided by an in-house service please advise. If it is contracted out to an external operator please provide the following details: -

  • Name of company providing the service
  • Start date of contract
  • Duration and extension periods
  • End date of contract
  • Tonnes collected in the most recent reported year
  • Annual contract value
  • Frequency of collection

If your arrangements for the collection of recyclates from households is different please provide full details as above plus details of the materials collected, the frequency for each type and the tonnes collected for each type.

Our waste and recycling collections are provided in-house. Information about the collections can be found on our website here:

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