The following disclosure log provides links to copies of FOI requests we've received and our subsequent responses:



FOI04243 Car parking & season tickets       
FOI04247 Residential and commercial developments identified and in planning
FOI04250 Applications for costs made during appeal proceedings
FOI04255 ICT expenditure Information
FOI04264 Dog fouling
FOI04267 Proposals for Railway, tramway or monorail
FOI04270 Business rates Information
FOI04274 Dangerous wild animals act
FOI04276 ICT contracts
FOI04278 Business rates
FOI04280 Printing for council tax and business rates annual billing
FOI04281 Professional development
FOI04282 Recruitment
FOI04283 Recycling
FOI04286 Unclaimed business rates credits Information
FOI04289 Human resources
FOI04290 Housing, tenancy and fraud Information
FOI04291 Business rates Part 1 Part 2 Part 3  Part 4  Part 5
FOI04292 Parking enforcement
FOI04293 Alcohol testing
FOI04295 Contaminated land Register
FOI04296 Purchasing: green waste bags
FOI04298 Repairs on Listed Building: The Manor Hotel
FOI04299 Queens’ Birthday celebrations
FOI04300 Food business register  Information
FOI04303 Discretionary housing payments
FOI04305 Business rates Information
FOI04307 Ransom ware virus scams
FOI04308 Waste bins
FOI04309 Cyber abuse and Social Media Policy
FOI04310 Business rates
FOI04311 EIR request
FOI04312 EIR request
FOI04313 EIR request
FOI04314 Registered food businesses Information
FOI04315 Deaths with no next of Kin
FOI04317 PSPO’s
FOI04318 Safe working practices
FOI04319 Dropped kerb applications
FOI04320 Housing
FOI04321 Suppliers of goods & services
FOI04322 Local council tax reduction schemes
FOI04323 Basic allowances and SRA's paid to councillors
FOI04324 Discretionary housing payments
FOI04325 Playground budgets
FOI04327 Use of body cameras
FOI04328 Land for public purpose
FOI04329 Recycling contracts
FOI04330 Business rates Information
FOI04331 Former councillor information
FOI04332 EIR request
FOI04334 Basement developments
FOI04335 E-cigarettes and vaping
FOI04337 Business rates Information
FOI04338 EIR request
FOI04339 Business rates Information
FOI04342 Business rates Information
FOI04343 Contaminated land Contaminated Land Register
FOI04344 Air pollution
FOI04347 Obesity - Information not held referred to Devon County Council
FOI04349 Addiction services spending - Information not held referred to Devon County Council
FOI04350 Wheelchair accessible homes
FOI04354 EIR request
FOI04356 EIR request
FOI04359 Quality accounts health & social care - Information not held referred to Devon County Council
FOI04363 Funding & Grants Information
FOI04364 Con29 question 
FOI04365 Deaths with no next of kin
FOI04345 Bathroom adaptions                                   
FOI04355 Licences for pet boarding establishments
FOI04367 Recycling


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