Disclosure log December 2016

This disclosure log provides copies of requests received and how the council has dealt with the responses.   

Ref Date               Information requested and our responses
FOI04437 02-Dec-2016 Council Tax
FOI04439 02-Dec-2016 Business rates
FOI04452 02-Dec-2016 Employees
FOI04468 02-Dec-2016 Self Build and Custom Housing
FOI04470 02-Dec-2016 Taxi Licenses
FOI04475 02-Dec-2016 E Learning Procurement
FOI04477 02-Dec-2016 Business Rates
FOI04478 02-Dec-2016 Legal Information
FOI04529 05-Dec-2016 Premises Licensing
FOI04467 05-Dec-2016 Business Rates
FOI04450 06-Dec-2016 Software
FOI04461 06-Dec-2016 Charity Shops
Application Letter
FOI04469 06-Dec-2016 Christmas Lights
FOI04471 06-Dec-2016 Planning applications
FOI04472 06-Dec-2016 Waste Management
FOI04473 06-Dec-2016 Meals on Wheels
FOI04474 06-Dec-2016 Business Rates
FOI04479 07-Dec-2016 Business Rates
FOI04480 07-Dec-2016 Legal Information
FOI04881 07-Dec-2016 Adult Social Care
FOI04882 07-Dec-2016 Missing Children
FOI04483 07-Dec-2016 Resources for Data Protection and GDPR
FOI04484 07-Dec-2016 Road Construction
FOI04485  07-Dec-2016 Business Rates
FOI04489 07-Dec-2016 Head of Human Resources
FOI04492 08-Dec-2016 Drug and Alcohol Treatment/Services
FOI04491 08-Dec-2016 Public Health Funerals
FOI04534 08-Dec-2016 Roads and Closures
FOI04539 08-Dec-2016  Adult Social Care
FOI04544 09-Dec-2016  Public Health Funerals
FOI04487 09-Dec-2016 Planning Breach and Condition Notices
FOI04545 09-Dec-2016 Public Space Protection Orders
FOI04493 09-Dec-2016 Drugs and Alcohol
FOI04547 09-Dec-2016 Business Rates
FOI04499 09-Dec-2016 Con 29R Land Searches
FOI04490 12-Dec-2016 Section 106 Collections
FOI04549 12-Dec-2016 Schools
FOI04495 12-Dec-2016 Birds of Prey 
Copy of Licence
Pre Inspection Audit 1 
Pre Inspection Audit 2
Inspection report 1
Inspection report 2
FOI04496 12-Dec-2016 Women disadvantaged by Mental Health, Alcohol and Drugs
FOI04500 12-Dec-2016 Palmerston Park, Birchen Lane Subcontractors Directory
FOI04501 13-Dec-2016 Christmas Lights
FOI04502 13-Dec-2016 Bird Control Measures
FOI04503 13-Dec-2016 Street Naming and Numbering 
FOI04503 13-Dec-2016 Information
FOI04504 13-Dec-2016 Temporary Accommodation
FOI04505 13-Dec-2016 Weekly Waste/Recycling Collections
FOI04506 13-Dec-2016 Parking Fines
FOI04507 13-Dec-2016 Business Rates
FOI04508 13-Dec-2016 Council Tax
FOI04511 13-Dec-2016 Schools/Teachers and Social Media
FOI04514 14-Dec-2016 Social Housing
FOI04520 14-Dec-2016 Child sexual exploitation teams
FOI04537 14-Dec-2016 Fly Tipping/Bulky Waste
FOI04553 14-Dec-2016 Business Rates
FOI04556 14-Dec-2016 Business Rates
FOI04558 15-Dec-2016 Asylum seeking children Refugee Children
FOI04518 15-Dec-2016 Cyber security
FOI04519 15-Dec-2016 PSPO's and CPN's
FOI04540 19-Dec-2016 Deaths with no Next of Kin
FOI04543 19-Dec-2016 Housing
FOI04560 19-Dec-2016 Child Abuse
FOI04561 19-Dec-2016 Business Rates - Empty Property over £5k
FOI04541 20-Dec-2016 Fixed Penalty Notices for Litter
FOI04550 20-Dec-2016 Council Housing
FOI04551 20-Dec-2016 Scrap Metal Dealers
FOI04557 20-Dec-2016 Contact names
FOI04521 20-Dec-2016 Deaths with no next of Kin
FOI04523 20-Dec-2016 Unaccompanied Asylum Seeking Children
FOI04527 21-Dec-2016 Mobile Phones
FOI04533 21-Dec-2016 Card services, Banking services
FOI04513 21-Dec-2016 Printing costs
FOI04526 22-Dec-2016 Software
FOI04548 22-Dec-2016 Landlord Immigration checks
FOI04555 22-Dec-2016 Business Rates and Liabilities
FOI04515 22-Dec-2016 Council Tax
FOI04516 22-Dec-2016 Road Alterations
FOI04517 22-Dec-2016 Leisure Services
FOI04522 22-Dec-2016 Gypsy and Traveller Sites
FOI04524 22-Dec-2016 Private Sector Housing
FOI04528 29-Dec-2016 Planning /Enforcement
FOI04531 29-Dec-2016 Business rates
FOI04532 29-Dec-2016 Waste Management
FOI04535 29-Dec-2016 Residential caravans
FOI04535 29-Dec-2016 Sites Information
FOI04536 29-Dec-2016 Business rates
FOI04538 29-Dec-2016 Children, Drugs and alcohol
FOI04542 29-Dec-2016 Software Licensing
FOI04546 29-Dec-2016 Business Processes
FOI04559 29-Dec-2016 Pre Planning application discussions
FOI04554 30-Dec-2016 Health & Safety Training
FOI04565 30-Dec-2016 IT
FOI04568 30-Dec-2016 Hybrid Cars
FOI04570 30-Dec-2016 Contacts for Shelter
FOI04579 30-Dec-2016 Qualified Social Work Professionals
FOI04577 30-Dec-2016 Public Health Funerals
FOI04572 30-Dec-2016 Business Rates
FOI04564 30-Dec-2016 Refugees
FOI04573 30-Dec-2016 Business Rates

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