The following disclosure log provides links to copies of FOI requests we've received and our subsequent responses:



FOI04437 Council Tax
FOI04439 Business rates
FOI04452 Employees
FOI04468 Self Build and Custom Housing
FOI04470 Taxi Licenses
FOI04475 E Learning Procurement
FOI04477 Business Rates
FOI04478 Legal Information
FOI04529 Premises Licensing
FOI04467 Business Rates
FOI04450 Software
FOI04461 Charity Shops
Application Letter
FOI04469 Christmas Lights
FOI04471 Planning applications
FOI04472 Waste Management
FOI04473 Meals on Wheels
FOI04474 Business Rates
FOI04479 Business Rates
FOI04480 Legal Information
FOI04881 Adult Social Care
FOI04882 Missing Children
FOI04483 Resources for Data Protection and GDPR
FOI04484 Road Construction
FOI04485  Business Rates
FOI04489 Head of Human Resources
FOI04492 Drug and Alcohol Treatment/Services
FOI04491 Public Health Funerals
FOI04534 Roads and Closures
FOI04539 Adult Social Care
FOI04544 Public Health Funerals
FOI04487 Planning Breach and Condition Notices
FOI04545 Public Space Protection Orders
FOI04493 Drugs and Alcohol
FOI04547 Business Rates
FOI04499 Con 29R Land Searches
FOI04490 Section 106 Collections
FOI04549 Schools
FOI04495 Birds of Prey 
Copy of Licence
Pre Inspection Audit 1 
Pre Inspection Audit 2
Inspection report 1
Inspection report 2
FOI04496 Women disadvantaged by Mental Health, Alcohol and Drugs
FOI04500 Palmerston Park, Birchen Lane Subcontractors Directory
FOI04501 Christmas Lights
FOI04502 Bird Control Measures
FOI04503 Street Naming and Numbering 
FOI04503 Information
FOI04504 Temporary Accommodation
FOI04505 Weekly Waste/Recycling Collections
FOI04506 Parking Fines
FOI04507 Business Rates
FOI04508 Council Tax
FOI04511 Schools/Teachers and Social Media
FOI04514 Social Housing
FOI04520 Child sexual exploitation teams
FOI04537 Fly Tipping/Bulky Waste
FOI04553 Business Rates
FOI04556 Business Rates
FOI04558 Asylum seeking children Refugee Children
FOI04518 Cyber security
FOI04519 PSPO's and CPN's
FOI04540 Deaths with no Next of Kin
FOI04543 Housing
FOI04560 Child Abuse
FOI04561 Business Rates - Empty Property over £5k
FOI04541 Fixed Penalty Notices for Litter
FOI04550 Council Housing
FOI04551 Scrap Metal Dealers
FOI04557 Contact names
FOI04521 Deaths with no next of Kin
FOI04523 Unaccompanied Asylum Seeking Children
FOI04527 Mobile Phones
FOI04533 Card services, Banking services
FOI04513 Printing costs
FOI04526 Software
FOI04548 Landlord Immigration checks
FOI04555 Business Rates and Liabilities
FOI04515 Council Tax
FOI04516 Road Alterations
FOI04517 Leisure Services
FOI04522 Gypsy and Traveller Sites
FOI04524 Private Sector Housing
FOI04528 Planning /Enforcement
FOI04531 Business rates
FOI04532 Waste Management
FOI04535 Residential caravans
FOI04535 Sites Information
FOI04536 Business rates
FOI04538 Children, Drugs and alcohol
FOI04542 Software Licensing
FOI04546 Business Processes
FOI04559 Pre Planning application discussions
FOI04554 Health & Safety Training
FOI04565 IT
FOI04568 Hybrid Cars
FOI04570 Contacts for Shelter
FOI04579 Qualified Social Work Professionals
FOI04577 Public Health Funerals
FOI04572 Business Rates
FOI04564 Refugees
FOI04573 Business Rates

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