The following disclosure log provides links to copies of FOI requests we've received and our subsequent responses:



FOI04660 Sports
FOI04664 Garden Waste
FOI04704 Garden Waste
FOI04709 Waste and Recycling
FOI04721 Foster care
FOI04655 Budget for Parks
FOI04723 Rape and Sexual Abuse
FOI04724 Public Health Funerals
FOI04672 Invoices
FOI04678 H & S Offences
FOI04680 Communications and Complaints - Refused under FOI - Personal Data
FOI04682 Unlawful Imprisonment Exeter Magistrates Court
FOI04687 Nuisance Noise Complaints
FOI04711 Contaminated Land Register
FOI04727 Contacts
FOI04728 Business Rates
FOI04735 STATS19 (Road Maintenance)
FOI04736 Business Rates
FOI04737 Statistical Analysis - Declined Survey as Optional
FOI04741 Business Rates
FOI04686 Accidents involving council vehicles
FOI04694 FOI requests
FOI04699 Noise from Wind Turbines
FOI04700 New Road Signage
FOI04700 Name Plate Spec
FOI04700 New Dev Plates
FOI04716 Licenced Vehicles
FOI04716 Information
FOI04719 Local Housing Allowances
FOI04722 Gaming licence
FOI04725 18-21 Year olds Housing benefit claims
FOI04731 Compulsory Purchase Orders
FOI04739 Public Health Funerals
FOI04715 Contract Register
FOI04754 Litter and Dog Fouling
FOI04628 Business Rates
FOI04688 Business Rates
FOI04698 Business Rates
FOI04698 Information
FOI04758 Substance Misuse and Sexual Health
FOI04760 Potholes
FOI04691 Councillor Casework
FOI04707 Animal Welfare Enforcement
FOI04702 Photocopiers/Printers/MFD's
FOI04706 Temporary Accomodation 20170222
FOI04706 Information
FOI04708 Photocopiers/Printers/MFD's
FOI04708 Questionnaire
FOI04713 Communications Magazines
FOI04713 Information
FOI04720 Self Build
FOI04743 Self Build
FOI04768 Asbestos in schools
FOI04769 Business Rates
FOI04770 Runaways
FOI04726 Organisation Structure
FOI04726 Accounts
FOI04726 Customer Services
FOI04726 Building Maintenance
FOI04726 Property Services
FOI04726 Legal Services
FOI04726 Leisure Services Culm
FOI04726 Leisure Services Lords Meadow
FOI04726 Leisure Services Exe Valley
FOI04726 Management Team
FOI04726 Recycling Services
FOI04726 Revenues
FOI04726 Waste Services
FOI04729 Building Maintenance
FOI04733 Pest Control
FOI04740 Enforcement actions
FOI04744 Council owned properties (unoccupied)
FOI04747 Disable Facilities Grants
FOI04748 Injuries and Compensation Claims
FOI04748 Information
FOI04757 Big Belly Solar powered bins
FOI04762 Business Rates
FOI04765 Locations of mine shafts and quarry extents
FOI04766 Planning
FOI04751 Palmerston Park Project Directory
FOI04771 Housing
FOI04774 Troubled Families programme

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